S2 E10 Much Too Much

11/27/05 | TV-14 | CC

Meredith‘s one night stand has an erection that just won’t quit. Izzie catches Alex in the act with Olivia. Cristina gets keyed by Burke. Quintuplets arrive at Seattle Grace.

Meredith phones Cristina and says “There’s a boy in my bed.” Cristina is snooping around at Burke’s. She’s horrified that he’s so clean and organized. Oops, Mer’s boy wakes up. She tells him she’s going to shower and when she gets back, he won’t be there. Remember the last time she said that to a boy?

Cristina finds a key on Burke’s counter with a note—he had the key made for her. We think it’s cute. She doesn’t. She has that “oh crap” look on her face. When she confronts Burke about the key, he tells her, “You can start thinking about moving in with me."

Meredith’s one night stand finds her at Seattle Grace. He’s got a big problem and it won’t go away. Everyone teases that she broke his penis. It’s sooo embarrassing but wait—it gets worse. They can’t fix it and Meredith has to consult with McDreamy. Oh poor Mer.

Izzie grabs George and says, “I need some sex now!” George teases, “No matter how hard you beg, I’m not doing you.” She tells George that Alex had technical difficulties with her last night. He finally has something to tease Alex about.

McDreamy and Alex’s patient drinks way too much water creating a dangerous sodium imbalance. Alex orders Nurse Olivia to give the patient a drug to stabilize him but he tells her the wrong amount and the patient crashes. McDreamy is pissed. Alex can’t seem to do anything right. He storms off and Olivia follows him to “comfort” him.

Addison and Izzie are on the case of a woman pregnant with quintuplets. Izzie’s upset because these babies are all going to need surgery and the mother could have avoided it if she reduced the number of successfully fertilized eggs. Izzie makes a snarky remark to the patient about reading the fine print before getting fertility treatment. Addison calls her out on it.

McDreamy tells Mer’s “patient” his erection is caused by a tumor. McDreamy’s reaction when he finds out the patient is Mer’s One Night Stand from Joe’s bar is PRICELESS. McDreamy tells him, “I met a girl there once myself—a very long time ago.” Does he really need to rub her nose in it? The girl’s gone through enough.

There’s a complication with the quints and they need all hands on deck. Alex doesn’t answer his page and Izzie goes to find him. She finds him with Olivia. In bed. Naked. Izzie practically has laser beams shooting out of her eyes. Alex is a jackass. Again.

Cristina invites Burke over to her place for the first time. Yuck—it’s an absolute pigsty. He looks horrified. She asks him, “Still think living together is a good idea?” He must because they get it on right in the middle of all the mess. Love is blind.

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