S2 E14 Tell Me Sweet Little Lies

01/22/06 | TV-14 | CC

Meredith is calling Derek "McDreamy" again as he helps her get her mother in a special clinical trial. Cristina reveals to Meredith that she hasn't really moved in with Burke he only thinks she has. George tries to turf an elderly patient onto another service, to get her off the surgical floor a month after she actually had her surgery. Alex and Izzie deal with a competitive eater with a bad esophagus, but they have other things on their mind: Alex just got his medical exam results back, and Izzie wants Meredith to get rid her dog. George gives Meredith an ultimatum: "Either the dog goes, or I go." Meredith hesitates. Bailey suffers from some false (and distracting) labor pains that worry Addison. Oh, and the dog is at the hospital.

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