S2 E18 Yesterday

02/19/06 | TV-14 | CC

Meredith and Burke treat a patient who probably won't survive surgery. The patient asks Meredith to videotape where he vents out to everything who's ever wronged him. Cristina and Alex work with Derek on the case of a teenager with Lionitis but his disfigured appearance doesn't keep him from flirting with Cristina. George and Izzie attend to a patient with Addison a woman suffering from spontaneous orgasms. Personally, Mark, Derek's best friend who slept with Addison, returns to convince Addison to come back to him. But he winds up moving in on Derek's case instead (when he's not hitting on Meredith). Burke finds out that Cristina didn't really move in with him she still has another apartment.

Izzie tries to keep from sleeping with Alex again but she can't. And George is about to explode stuffing his feelings for Meredith for long. Meredith wants to know more about why her dad left and winds up going directly to him to find out. After an emotionally trying day dealing with her mom, her dad, and everything in between she goes home, that's when George is finally ready to say everything to her that she needs to hear.

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