S3 E01 Time Has Come Today

09/21/06 | TV-14 | CC

It’s a morning for mourning as Izzie deals with the loss of Denny by lying motionless on the floor in a prom dress. Meredith is nominated to help her through the grieving process because she’s “dark and twisty” inside. George is actually the first to reach out, or in this case, lie down with Izzie. Nothing changes. Cristina also strikes out when she hits the floor with Iz. It’s gonna take some time.

Meredith confesses to Cristina that she slept with Derek at work and lost her panties. No worries. Addison finds them and decides to pin them to the bulletin board at work. Seattle Grace really should invest in a lost & found box. Addison is obviously a little ticked at Mer-Der. Infidelity will do that to a person.

Through flashbacks we see how devastated Derek was after Addison cheated on him. We thought Kate Walsh was totally rockin’ in this scene. She’s completely panic-stricken as she begs McDreamy for forgiveness. She says, “We can survive this. We’re Addison and Derek.” His reply, “We’re not Derek and Addison anymore.” The look on Addison’s face… Let’s just say it was gut-wrenching television.

In other flashbacks, we see a young Meredith witness a heated exchange between her mom and Richard, her mother’s former lover, and scenes showing how the interns first met. Alex tells Izzie she won’t make it through her first year. George tries to chat with a disinterested Meredith. Cristina gushes over an even more disinterested Burke. And Derek reminisces about the day he first met Meredith at Joe’s bar.

Addison and Alex treat a newborn baby who needs a blood transfusion after being abandoned in a trashcan. The mother is amongst a group of 14-year-old girls. They all deny giving birth and their bickering parents don’t help matters. Addison manages to narrow it down to two girls. She brings them both in to see the baby and tells them, “The truth always comes out.” We know she’s speaking from experience. The young mom finally fesses up allowing Addison and Alex to save the baby’s life.

Adele takes drastic measures to get her husband’s attention by scheduling a meeting with him at work. She insists that Richard retire. The Chief says he needs more time but Adele doesn’t have any more time to give.

A possible case of the plague hits Seattle Grace when a man named Omar and his wife, Giselle come into the ER with a severe flu. Omar is quarantined with plague-like symptoms while Derek and George operate on Giselle, who dies. Bailey must calm a distraught and hyperventilating Omar through closed doors. She does this by telling him she believes the afterlife is beautiful.

Since they were exposed, Derek and George are quarantined in the locker room where they discuss the women in their lives. George says he’s going to love Callie “soonish.” Derek says he should tell her before someone else comes along. Back at Meredith’s house, Finn shows up to tell Meredith that Derek is bad for her before leaving abruptly. Will this be the last we see of Chris O’Donnell as Finn?

George and Derek are released from quarantine. They beeline it to Meredith’s house. Callie is there and she tells George she loves him. But George still isn’t ready to say it back. Derek, however, unabashedly declares his love to Meredith. He then tells her she has a choice to make.

At the end of the day, Cristina visits Burke, who is still recovering after being shot. She breaks down in tears telling him, “Don’t ever die.” Back home, Izzie is finally ready to face the future. She picks herself up off the floor with Meredith by her side. We thought that was most fitting because that’s what friends do when you’re hurting. They stand by you.

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