S3 E02 I Am a Tree

09/28/06 | TV-14 | CC

Addison drinks, Izzie bakes, Cristina strips, Alex assaults and Meredith plays the field. Oh, and a teenage boy comes into Seattle Grace wearing a tree. That’s right, a tree!

Cristina surprises Burke in his hospital bed by stripping down to her lacy red underwear. It’s quite the sexy little scene until Burke’s mom and dad pop in for a visit. Hey, Preston, don’t you just hate it when your folks catch you with a girl in your room? Things go from bad to worse when Mrs. Burke hears Cristina refer to Bailey as "The Nazi." Now, Mrs. B. believes her son is dating a “racist stripper.” We don’t remember that particular job listing from career day.

We think Diahann Carroll is awesome as the steely-eyed, super-critical mom who basically tells Cristina she’s not good enough for her son. The guy who plays Mr. Burke is pretty cool, too. He only says one thing the entire episode as he tells a self-conscious Cristina to, “Hang in there.” By the look on her face, we know she will.

A furious Bailey wants to know whose panties are hanging on the bulletin board. We’re sure you remember that Addison stuck them there after finding them in Derek’s pocket. Callie takes the heat by claiming the panties as her own. George is jealous when he doesn’t recognize the mystery undies. Callie loves it.

Callie also loves rocking out in the basement of the hospital (where’s she’s been living) until the Chief catches her. She has to move out of the basement which means moving in with George for a bit. The Chief also realizes he has to stop living out of his office.

A teenage boy is brought in after a luge accident left him with tree trunk pierced through his body. The boy’s distressed dad yells at him as he’s being pulled from the ambulance. This causes Alex to slam dad’s face into a wall. Bailey is furious. Again!

Bailey reprimands Alex warning him not to get physical with anyone on her watch. This doesn’t quite sink in, as Alex has sex with a cancer patient who had skipped out of the hospital. After her little pre-op romp with Alex, the dying woman is ready to return for her surgery. Hey, whatever works. Right?

Izzie spends the day baking many, many muffins as her friends try to convince Bailey to let her come back to work. Bailey, meanwhile, chats with the dad whose son was impaled by the tree. The boy is going to survive but dad is still beating himself up for letting his boy do something so dangerous. This hits Bailey hard. She realizes that part of what happened with Denny was her fault because she wasn’t there for her intern. Bailey meets with Izzie to tell her to come back to the hospital. But leave the muffins.

A surgical patient named Benjamin blurts out everything that pops into his head because of a tumor pressing against his frontal lobe. Meredith finds his spontaneity refreshing and inspiring. She decides to flip a coin to decide between Derek and Finn.

Cristina tells Meredith that Benjamin isn’t spontaneous. He’s mentally ill and he died during his surgery. This makes Mer rethink things. She tells Derek and Finn she’s not interested in choosing. She’s only interested in dating. Both of them. At the same time. The guys are up for the challenge, so let the dating games begin!

Addison drinks all day and ends up in a hotel room at night. She’s in a robe drinking champagne when Derek shows up to say, “Our marriage is over.” He blames himself and feels very sad. The bathroom door opens and Mark Sloan steps out wearing nothing but a towel. Derek quickly finishes off Addison’s champagne and says, “I feel much better now.” Must have been good champagne.

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