S3 E04 What I Am

10/12/06 | TV-14 | CC

Meredith finally decides between Derek and Finn, Izzie has an illuminating discussion with Denny’s dad and there’s a hot new doc at Seattle Grace.

Addison and Derek are stunned when the Chief hires Dr. Mark Sloan as the new head of plastic surgery. Sloan is quickly dubbed McSteamy. His first case involves a car salesman who lights up a cigarette while wearing an oxygen mask. BOOM goes the salesman who is left with severe facial burns.

Addison’s patient is due to deliver her baby any minute but refuses to consider a C-Section. Alex wants to bail on the case, as he’s eager to scrub in with Sloan. Addison is fed up with Alex, so she says GO. Alex’s enthusiasm diminishes as Mark gives him his first assignment—a bone dry cappuccino. Sloan does his best to save the salesman’s face but his bedside manner needs a little work. Bailey steps in to comfort the patient and his wife.

Alex misses the opportunity to work with Sloan when the pregnant woman’s baby goes into distress. Addison lets Alex assist on the emergency C-Section. Baby and mom make it through the surgery with flying colors. After the operation, Addison tells Sloan that they are coworkers and nothing more. She also informs Alex that he is officially off her service. She also says he’s going to miss her. Think she’s right?

Meredith’s stomach is turning over Derek and Finn—so much so that she throws up during rounds. Everyone thinks she’s pregnant. We wondered the same. When Meredith admits to Cristina that she still hasn’t slept with Finn, it’s obvious that Derek is the daddy. But, alas, there will be no McBaby. It’s not morning sickness, only appendicitis.

File these next occurrences in the strange but true category: 1) Meredith has a heart-to-heart chat with Addison about Derek. 2) Derek has a heart-to-heart chat with Finn about Meredith (and fishing).

Okay, so Meredith is high on morphine when she asks Addison how she knew Derek was the one. Still, Addison has her wits about her when she says it was because she knew he wouldn’t hurt her. She also admits that she doesn’t hate Meredith (not that Meredith will remember it).

As for McDreamy and McVet, Derek realizes that Finn is a good guy during their male bonding session. In fact, Finn’s the better guy. So he tells a now-coherent Meredith that he’s walking away from her. But Meredith can’t walk away from him. She tells Finn that Derek is the one. Finn’s parting words are, “He’s going to hurt you again and when he does I won’t be there.” So, does Mer make the right choice?

Callie asks George to dinner to help smooth things over in their relationship. George says he has to go home. Izzie needs him. Callie complains that Meredith and Izzie always come first. She wants to know what she means to him. When George can’t answer, Callie tells him he doesn’t have to worry about it anymore. She meets up with Sloan at the bar. He offers to buy her a drink. She says he’ll have to deliver it to her hotel room. Check please!

Izzie meets Denny’s dad at the bar. At first, the senior Duquette suggests Izzie married his son for his money. When it becomes clear this isn’t the case, Denny’s dad hands her an envelope. Inside is the code for the answering machine where Denny left his parents a message about how Izzie was the love of his life. With George at her side, Izzie tearfully listens to Denny’s moving voicemail. Izzie’s heart is breaking. George’s heart, however, is racing. He opens the envelope to find a check made out to Izzie. For $8.7 million!

Derek clears Burke to return to work. Burke hides the fact that he’s still having tremors in his hand. He finally shares the secret of his trembling hand with Cristina while he practices operating on cadavers. She figures that if she helps him during surgeries they can hide his weakness. Nobody will ever know. Well, we will.

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