S3 E05 Oh, The Guilt

10/19/06 | TV-14 | CC

Bailey is attacked by her peers, Derek discovers a troubling secret about Addison and a man and his ex-wife literally “get stuck” making love.

Dr. Bailey comes under fire during an open forum discussion about Denny’s death. Bailey is criticized for not being able to control her interns. Meredith, George, Alex and Cristina all look like they want to crawl under a rock as they listen in the audience. Bailey’s role as a new mom is also attacked. She endures several spiteful remarks from an arrogant doctor named Savoy. We’ll call him McSnidely. Dr. Savoy claims sleep deprivation and fluctuating hormones may have led to Dr. Bailey’s poor decision-making that day. Told ya. McSnidely!

Izzie is also present during the Bailey-bashfest. She visits Burke, saying she’s doing fine. But Burke knows better. He was shot and Denny died. Neither of them can be fine, which is why Burke can’t bring himself to tell Richard about his shaky hand. Izzie, however, does meet with the Chief. She tells him she has $8 million. She can do anything. But all she really wants to do is surgeries. Looks like the Chief is going to let her do just that.

A middle-aged divorced couple comes into the ER in full missionary position after getting stuck together while having sex. It happens. X-rays reveal that a piercing on the man’s penis got snagged on his ex’s IUD. Again, it happens. Of course, Addison didn’t have to accidentally announce it in front of the couple’s daughter.

Addison and the Chief direct Meredith and Cristina as they try to separate the coitus-interrupted couple. The man has a heart attack during the procedure. Burke is called to operate. He works out a code to signal Cristina should his hand get tired during the operation. It does and Cristina has to take over. The other interns watch from the gallery with envy. Alex comments on the “perks” of sleeping with your boss.

A patient with breast cancer is having second thoughts about a mastectomy. When Dr. Savoy catches the woman’s husband asking Bailey to talk to his wife, Bailey coldly brushes him off. The Chief sees this. He corners Miranda and tells her that being a mother has actually made her a better doctor. Miranda does have a heart-to-heart with her cancer patient. And when Dr. Savoy makes a snide remark as she babysits her patient’s son, Bailey threatens to release some of her hormones on him. We’re pretty sure that’s the last we’ll see of McSnidely.

Derek is more than happy to give up the Manhattan brownstone and the house in the Hamptons during his divorce settlement with Addison. All he wants is his land in Seattle. He feels he’s the bad guy. Addison’s affair was a one night stand while his was a relationship. Or so he thought. Actually, we thought that, too!

Addison reveals that her fling with Mark actually lasted several months. Derek now feels like he wasted a year of his life trying to make things work with Addison when he could have been with Meredith. He tells Mark they are not friends. His words to Addison are even more brutal. He never wants to see her again. Since they both work in the same hospital, we don’t really see that happening.

Meredith tells Derek she broke up with Finn. He’s doesn’t seem interested. George shows up at Callie’s hotel room with fried chicken and video games. She’s definitely not interested.

McSteamy is in bed with Callie at the start of the day. He comments that she has a guilty face when she receives a page from George. She basically tells him to shut up. McSteamy is in bed with Addison at the end of the day. He tells her, “At least now you don’t have to feel guilty anymore.” Addison actually tells him to “shut up.”

Izzie’s check for $8.7 million is placed on the refrigerator door. Izzie says some good must come from the money and until she knows what it is, she’s not depositing the check. Meredith and George stare at the check wondering what that “good” will be. We’re wondering, too.

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