S3 E07 Where the Boys Are

11/09/06 | TV-14 | CC

The men of Seattle Grace take to the great outdoors for a camping trip while McSteamy stays behind to work and flirt with Meredith.

Derek’s dreams of a relaxing camping trip are obliterated when Burke invites the Chief, George, Alex, Joe (of Joe’s Bar) and Walter along. The Chief has an eye-opening moment when he realizes Joe and Walter are a couple. George also learns a few new things. While fishing, he notices Burke’s shaky hand. Then Alex tells him that Callie is sleeping with Sloan. As we all know, them’s fightin’ words!

George and Alex are determined to brawl. The Chief doesn’t want them to ruin their surgical careers, so he makes them partake in an openhanded slap fight. Let’s just say it wasn’t Ali-Foreman. When Alex and George wrestle, they knock down Walter, who smashes his head on a rock. Who knew fishing was such a violent sport?

Walter is fine but needs stitches. Burke is able to patch him up without issue. But George knows something is up. Burke later tells George his standards are too high. He thinks Burke is talking about his relationship with Callie. We think Burke is talking about George’s hero-worship toward him. Think we’re overanalyzing?

Mark has scheduled a gender reassignment surgery for Daniel (who now goes by Donna). Donna’s wife, Vicky, is supportive until they discover the hormones Donna has been taking gave her breast cancer. Donna still wants the operation even though it might kill her. This is almost too much for Vicky. But Donna is her husband and her best friend. She says, “You don’t abandon someone just because there’s baggage.” It always seems to take a patient’s situation to smack some sense into those Seattle Grace surgeons, doesn’t it? Chalk up one more revelation, as this exchange has Meredith rethinking her relationship with McDreamy.

Cristina is assigned a little boy who swallowed an assortment of Monopoly pieces. She must sift through his poop until all hotels, thimbles and race cars are accounted for. Izzie actually offers to help. It’s not that she’s a fan of feces, or even Monopoly, she just wants to avoid the ever-perky Dr. Sydney Heron. Sydney has been assigned as Izzie’s peer counselor. Izzie is still hurting over Denny. She misses him constantly. She admits to Sydney that she doesn’t know if she still wants to be a surgeon.

The young boy’s intestine gets perforated by a Monopoly piece. We’re guessing it was the wheelbarrow. Bailey bans Cristina from his surgery. She wants to know why Cristina erased her name on the OR board for Burke’s last surgery. Cristina’s still not talking. This could get ugly.

Addison and Callie treat a pregnant woman who fell in the shower. When Addison realizes the baby has been lost, she abruptly leaves the room. Addison isn’t sure why this is affecting her so much. But with Callie’s help, she’s able to break the sad news to the woman and her husband. Addison and Callie bond over the fact that they’ve both slept with Sloan during what Addison calls “a hailstorm of self-loathing and misery.”

The men return from their camping trip. George finds Callie at the hospital. She tells him they need to talk. He agrees. But what Callie has to say has nothing to do with their relationship. She pulls back a curtain to reveal George’s dad in a hospital bed.

Derek seeks out Meredith at the bar (where McSteamy has been putting the McMoves on her all evening). Der steps up to Mer saying, “Hi, I’m Derek Shepherd.” He wants to start over with her. Meredith is reluctant at first. But then she says, “Hi, I’m Meredith Grey.” It’s déjà vu all over again.

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