S3 E10 Don't Stand So Close to Me

11/30/06 | TV-14 | CC

Conjoined brothers, secret sisters and a devoted son whose dad is fighting for his life highlight a frantic family day at Seattle Grace.

Conjoined adult twins want to be separated. One twin has fallen for a woman. He wants some alone time with his true love. Unfortunately, the woman has fallen for the other twin. This may be the strangest love triangle Seattle Grace has ever seen! Well, today, at least.

Burke and Cristina are ready to suffer the repercussions of their cover-up of Burke’s tremor. Bailey is beyond peeved when she finds out there will be no repercussions. Legally, there was no malpractice because they didn’t kill anyone. Always a good thing when you’re a surgeon.

The Chief asks Miranda to view her interns as children. Children make mistakes. It had to be so difficult for Cristina to tell on boss/boyfriend Burke. Cristina has grown so much under Bailey’s guidance. The Chief also has a little chat with Burke. Okay, it isn’t a chat. It’s a rather loud lecture. The Chief tells Burke to stop blaming Derek for his tremor. Just let him fix it. We agree. Enough already!

Bailey bans George from his dad’s case. She, instead, assigns Cristina to assist Dr. Hahn. Against orders, George observes as they operate. Burke isn’t supposed to be there either, but he can’t stay away. An anguished George can’t watch. Even for a doctor, it’s gotta be hard to watch someone slice open a person you love.

Burke comforts George by doing a surgical play-by-play. When there’s a complication, Hahn and Cristina work in perfect harmony to save George’s dad. Burke says he wouldn’t have done anything differently. He says you never know how someone will respond to surgery. We think he’s talking more about himself than Mr. O’Malley. Think so, too?

Addison recruits a reluctant Meredith to help with her half-sister Molly, who needs an emergency C-Section. Meredith’s dad’s second wife Susan (guest star Mare Winningham) is glad to see a familiar face even though Molly doesn’t know Mer is her sister. There’s a complication during surgery. The baby isn’t breathing. This causes Meredith to freeze, which causes Addison to ban Meredith from the OR as she operates on the baby.

The surgery goes well. Susan hugs Meredith, who then informs the new grandma that’s she’s very nice, but she’s not her family. But when Meredith watches Molly holding the baby, Susan says, “We could be your family. If you wanted.” A conflicted Meredith can only walk away. Later, she hugs her real mom during one of Ellis’ Alzheimer-induced rants. It’s hard to watch but we felt some bittersweet relief when Ellis becomes lucid enough to embrace Meredith, too.

Izzie gives Sloan a piece of her mind when he sends her out for coffee. McSteamy likes her feistiness, but still wants his coffee. Bone dry cappuccino, in case you were wondering. Mark later gets Izzie a front row seat to a surgery. It’s a respect thing. Meredith, meanwhile, gives the other interns a piece of her mind. She wants them to let Cristina off the hook about the Burke mess. They eventually come around. Well, George doesn’t.

Derek has doubts about the conjoined twins’ surgery, which requires 22 doctors. His confidence took a hit after hearing Burke place the blame on him for the tremor. Bailey gives him a pep talk and the twins are successfully separated. Applause fills the OR as the two gurneys are pulled apart. We were applauding, too. Okay, not really. That would be way too corny. But it doesn’t mean we didn’t want to.

At the end of the day, Derek stands in the elevator telling Meredith not to wait up for him. He’s going upstairs to look at Burke’s shoulder. Cristina hesitates, only for a moment, before stepping into the elevator, too. No elevator pun intended when we say, things are looking up.

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