S3 E11 Six Days Part 1

01/11/07 | TV-14 | CC

The thing about Part One episodes of Grey’s Anatomy is that, once they end, we just can’t wait for Part Two! What we’re trying to say is…here we go again!

Meredith snores. It’s a cute snore. But a snore’s a snore. When she catches Derek sacked out in George’s room, the truth comes out. Since they’ve been together, he’s always slept on the couch. He sets an alarm and crawls back to bed before Meredith wakes. Not the most McSensitive thing to do to someone with abandonment issues.

George’s dad is doing well after heart surgery. Now it’s time to attack the cancer. The oncologist warns that if the cancer has spread, there’s no point in doing the surgery. Mr. O’Malley wants Bailey and the Chief to remove the tumor regardless. He wants to take his chances and fight. However, no one can tell George. We see and feel Bailey’s pain. She gave George her word she’d be straight with him. Now she must break her promise.

During the surgery, they see that Mr. O’Malley’s cancer has, indeed, spread. Meredith wonders why they are proceeding. When she learns of their patient’s request, she’s also sworn to secrecy. After the surgery, George prepares his family on what to expect. But it’s George who comes unraveled when he sees his dad lying there with a tube down his throat. Meredith clutches his arm, holding it tight. All George can weakly say is, “He’s my dad.” It’s completely heartbreaking.

Burke and Cristina have made up. They’re just not talking to each other, even though Cristina desperately wants to know how Burke’s hand is healing after surgery. Yeah, we don’t get their whole silent treatment thing either. Burke tries to explain it to Addison, but she just calls him pathetic. George and Burke are talking though. When George presents his dad’s chart, Burke is surprised they proceeded with the surgery. He tells George to keep an eye on the kidneys. That’ll be the first sign of multi-organ failure.

George is ecstatic when he sees his dad has put out “130 cc’s of shiny, yellow urine!” The kidneys look to be doing their thing. George is so excited he plants a wet, sloppy kiss on Callie right in front of his mother and brothers. Dad’s there too, albeit unconscious.

A 17-year-old girl named Heather has a severely curved spine that doesn’t allow her stand upright. Callie recruits Derek to propose a radical surgery to replace the curved section of her spine. If it works, she’ll be able to stand tall. If it doesn’t, she could be paralyzed or die. Heather’s a gamer though. She wants the surgery.

Izzie still hasn’t deposited her check for $8.7 million. Hey, she’s been busy. Neither Bailey nor the Seattle Grace shrink will sign off for Izzie’s return to surgery until she does something with the money. Izzie desperately wants to scrub in on Heather’s surgery, so she tearfully deposits the food-stained check. But Heather’s surgery isn’t gonna happen. The insurance company won’t cover the $200,000 procedure. Did anyone else see Izzie’s wheels spinning?

Meredith’s niece, Laura, was born with complications. Meredith is rattled when her dad comes into the room as she presents the case. Dad pops up in other places, as well. She does her best to avoid him at all costs.

Alex intentionally screws up Sloan’s coffee order because he was rude to Addison. There’s something awkward going on between Mark and Addison, but we’re not sure what. Did they sleep together again and we missed it?! Addison offers to take Alex back to her rotation, as baby Laura has a perforated bowel and needs more surgery.

Alex does a post-op check on the baby, who is doing well. When Addison joins him, you could feel the electricity between them. They are going in for what we’re thinking is gonna be a totally hot, steamy, sensual kiss when a nurse walks in and ruins everything! We feel that nurse should be fired IMMEDIATELY!

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