S3 E13 Great Expectations

01/25/07 | TV-14 | CC

News that the Chief is stepping down has more than a few of Seattle Grace’s finest surgeons updating their resume. George becomes a sex machine and, for Callie’s sake, he must be stopped!

Callie is worn out from having non-stop sex with George. She begs Izzie to take over. (Oh, get your mind out of the gutter! She means take over watching out for him.) This perpetual sex thing is just a coping mechanism as he deals with his father’s death. Hey, there are worse ways to cope.

McSteamy is preparing to say sayonara to Seattle Grace until Meredith mentions that the Chief doesn’t want to be Chief anymore. Chief McSteamy has a nice ring to it, don’t you think? Unfortunately, Burke, Derek and Addison also call dibs on the gig. Let the trash-talking begin.

Derek is ticked when he finds out Richard initially asked Burke to be Chief. He’s also mad at Meredith for telling Mark about the job opening, giving him a reason to stay in Seattle. He yells at her and walks away. When Meredith is surprised as Derek shows up at her house, he realizes she’s never had a relationship that survived an argument. He assures her that even if they fight, he’s not going anywhere. Awww.

A young woman named Jilly has a large cervical tumor and needs surgery. Rachel, her best friend since birth, doesn’t want Izzie or George to call Jilly’s parents. The two BFFs have been on their own since they left their Amish community years ago. But it’s Jilly who phones home and when her Amish parents arrive, they don’t acknowledge Rachel because she’s been baptized. When you’re baptized and you leave, you are shunned.

As they operate on Jilly, they realize the cancer has spread and is inoperable. This is too much for George, who is painfully reminded of his dad’s case. Izzie knows that Jilly wants to go home. She convinces Rachel that the best way she can be a friend is to let her go. Izzie realizes that no matter how much she wants to help George get through his grief, she must let him go, too. Once again, we see how our favorite docs learn about themselves through their patients.

Jilly’s tumor could have been caught sooner if she had a place to go for affordable health care. This motivates Bailey. She’s wants to open a free clinic. Bailey is able to get all of the bickering board members vying for the Chief’s job to sign off on the project, but she still needs funding. Izzie offers to help. After all, she’s sitting on that $8 million. That should be more than enough to open “The Denny Duquette Memorial Clinic.” Guess that’s the “good” Izzie’s been looking to do with all her loot.

The main reason the Chief tenders his resignation is so he can make amends with his wife. So, when he shows up at his house to find Adele entertaining another man, it’ll likely put a damper on the retirement party.

Alex and Addison also have some relationship issues. Well, they don’t really have a relationship. They only shared one kiss. Alex convinces Addison it meant nothing and he wants back on her surgeries. So, she brings him back. We sure hope this thing between them isn’t ending before it has a chance to get started.

Cristina finally talks to Burke. She’s still convinced she did the right thing and doesn’t need him to forgive her. So, he doesn’t. Instead, he proposes! Yeah, we didn’t see that one coming either. We’re further blindsided when George asks Callie to marry him. We sure hope this isn’t just another coping mechanism.

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