S3 E14 Wishin' and Hopin'

02/01/07 | TV-14 | CC

Meredith’s mom is suddenly lucid after five years of Alzheimer’s. And a couple of Seattle Grace’s top docs tie the knot in Vegas. Care to guess who got hitched?

Ellis Grey’s Alzheimer’s condition is in temporary abeyance. When Meredith breaks the news to her now-lucid mom about her illness, Ellis collapses. She’s admitted to Seattle Grace with heart arrhythmia. As Ellis recovers in her hospital room, Meredith tells her mom that she’s happy. This is the wrong thing to say to Mama Grey. Ellis didn’t raise her daughter to be “happy.” Ellis sees Meredith as “ordinary” and “unfocused.” Her speech is filled with so much venom. The look on Meredith’s face has us almost as devastated as she is.

Ellis demands a neuro consult. Paging Dr. Shepherd! Once Ellis realizes Derek and Meredith are together, the fangs come out again. She accuses Derek of taking advantage of her daughter. Cristina tells Ellis she needs surgery for her heart condition. Ellis refuses. But it’s ultimately Meredith’s call. Mer tells her mom she hates being the one in charge but she has no choice. Ellis alienated everyone else in her life.

The only person who truly makes Ellis happy is Richard. He visits her and tells her all about how they would have had a wonderful life together. None of it is true, but it’s what Ellis needs to hear. And, yes, it does make her happy. When Meredith returns, she tells her mom that she wants her to have the surgery. She’s hoping they’ll one day have a cure for Alzheimer’s and they can start over. Our hearts break as Ellis stares blankly at Meredith saying, “You remind me of my daughter.”

Remember back when Burke proposed to Cristina and George proposed to Callie? Well, Cristina hasn’t answered Burke. Okay, we get it. She wants to think about it. George and Callie thought about it, too—which is why they skipped off to Las Vegas to hit a Chapel-O-Love. What happens in Vegas doesn’t always go over well in Seattle. George’s friends are less than supportive about his whirlwind wedding. Alex jokes, “Dude, she’s Callie O’Malley.” We actually like the name.

The Denny Duquette Memorial Clinic gets only one customer on opening day. A young girl’s single dad brings her in because he can’t explain how to use a tampon. Turns out the girl is sexually active and worries that she might be pregnant. This warrants a lecture from Bailey. Something her mom probably would have done if she were alive. It didn’t have the bells and whistles of a major trauma, but Bailey feels the guidance she was able to give the girl was well worth the $8 million they spent on the clinic.

George thinks he’s having an anxiety attack about his marriage. He realizes he’s actually having a reaction to a cancer patient’s toxic blood. He calls into the OR where the patient is having her surgery. But the phone just rings and rings. Everyone in the room has collapsed to the floor.

The medical staff is pulled from the room and put on oxygen. The patient remains, open abdomen and all. When the patient starts to wake up, Addison rushes in. She manages to stabilize her before collapsing into Sloan’s arms. Derek and Burke don airtight suits to finish the woman’s surgery. The only problem is the oxygen in the suits runs out. Burke and Derek fall to the floor. Doing damage control, the Chief sends Cristina, Izzie and Meredith into the room, one at a time, in frantic 20 second shifts. They finish the surgery and save the patient. Now everyone (including us) can breathe easy.

While recuperating, Addison can’t stop staring at Alex. We knew things weren’t over between these two. Of course, we can’t believe it when we later catch Addison getting all hot and sweaty with McSteamy. Again!

Cristina finally tells Burke she’ll marry him. But she doesn’t do rings. Burke doesn’t seem to mind. He actually picks her up and spins her around joyously. It’s all so un-Preston-like. Callie is hurt because George thought his violent illness was a case of buyer’s remorse about their marriage. She’s also upset by the not-so-nice jabs his friends hurl at her. George stands up for his new wife. If they want to drive Callie O’Malley away, he’ll be going with her. And, yes, we still like the name.

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