S3 E15 Walk on Water

02/08/07 | NR | CC

A Seattle Grace team leaves the hospital to answer a triage call. When they arrive on the scene, no one can believe the massive devastation that continues to unravel before their eyes.

Derek finds Meredith underwater in the tub and quickly pulls her out. We don’t think Meredith is trying to kill herself, but Derek knows she’s hurting from all the vicious things her mom said.

Derek confides his frustration with Meredith’s depression to Burke. Burke then goes against Cristina’s wishes by telling Derek he’s engaged. The news spreads and when the Chief (sporting a freshly-died dark hairdo) congratulates Cristina, she knows Meredith is gonna be ticked because she wasn’t the first to hear the big news.

Izzie, Alex, George, Meredith and Bailey head into the field. They have no idea what has happened. All they do know is that there are multiple trauma victims. When they arrive at the accident site, they can’t believe what they see. The scene is one of pure chaos. A ferry ship has crashed and is on fire. Bodies are everywhere as emergency personnel race to save anyone who isn’t already dead. The Seattle Grace team springs into action.

A woman with a serious stomach injury searches frantically for her seven-year-old son. The only way she’ll let George treat her is if he promises to find her boy. George does his best but comes up empty. When they get back to Seattle Grace, the woman will die if they wait any longer to operate. George enters the OR and the woman asks if he’s found her son. We can see the pain in George’s eyes as he stands before the woman, helpless.

At the accident site, Alex pulls a pregnant woman out from under a huge pylon. She’s been crushed and her face is hideously swollen. Miraculously, her baby is still alive. Back at the hospital, Alex wants to scrub in for her surgery but the Chief orders him to update the victims’ families in the clinic. Alex asks Addison if the baby is going to survive. Addison dodges the question by telling Alex he should get down to the clinic.

A man begs Izzie to come help his friend, who is trapped under a car on the ferry. The man’s injuries are massive and she can’t do much until Search and Rescue arrive to get him out. But Search and Rescue isn’t coming. They have 15 more cases to get to first. The man seizes violently. With no backup coming anytime soon, the man’s friend tells Izzie, “You gotta figure out a way to help him right here, right now!” We can see by the look on Izzie’s face that she has no idea how she’s going to do that.

A lost little girl attaches herself to Meredith, refusing to leave her side. Derek tries to find out what’s been bothering Meredith by asking her if she wants to get married. Derek, we think you’re a smart guy, but maybe a massive trauma scene isn’t the best place to discuss the future of your relationship. Meredith doesn’t want to get married. Derek doesn’t either. Okay, so that’s not the problem. So what is bothering her? Again, maybe this is a discussion that can take place when people aren’t fighting for their lives at your feet!

Meredith works on a man with a severe leg injury at the edge of the dock, away from the rest of the traumas. She calls for help, but no one hears. She must ask the girl to help her get some equipment out of her bag. The girl won't speak and Meredith says when bad things happen she doesn't talk either. The man can't take the pain and starts flailing wildly, knocking Meredith into the water! No one else sees what's happened—except for the little girl, who just silently walks away. In the water, we see nothing but darkness.

So, was anyone else as unprepared as we were for all these cliffhangers?

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