S3 E16 Drowning on Dry Land

02/15/07 | TV-14 | CC

Every doctor at Seattle Grace works feverously to aid the trauma victims of the ferry boat disaster. Every doctor except one. Meredith Grey is missing!

Picking up where the last episode left off, Derek sees Meredith’s jacket covering a trauma victim at the dock. He then sees the little girl who was with her. When Derek asks her about Meredith, she points to the icy water. He (and we) fears the worst.

Izzie’s patient is still trapped under a car. The man’s friends are all over her to help. Give Iz a break, fellas! She’s only been allowed to observe operations lately. Izzie calls the Chief on a cell phone. Richard and Mark talk her through a procedure where she must use a power drill to penetrate the man’s skull. She’s able to relieve the cranial pressure. The man survives and when they get back to Seattle Grace, the Chief officially lifts Izzie’s probation.

Alex deals with the families who anxiously await news on their loved ones. He snaps Polaroids of the trauma victims and posts them on a bulletin board for identification. Alex believes the woman he rescued from the dock is married to a man searching for his pregnant wife. Addison tells him there may have been more than one pregnant trauma victim. Unfortunately, she’s right. Alex finds the man’s pregnant wife in the morgue.

George lies to the woman whose seven-year-old son is missing. He tells her the boy is fine, even though he has no idea where he is. George turns the hospital upside-down looking for the missing child, Finally, he sees that Callie is operating on a John Doe—age seven. It’s our Georgie boy’s boy all right. He’s so jazzed by the discovery that he starts telling Callie what he’s going to do to her once they get home. We’re all a little bummed when Callie cuts him off before he can dive into the specifics.

Back at the dock, Derek dives into the water and pulls out Meredith, who's pale, cold and not breathing. He works on her feverishly in the ambulance until they arrive at the hospital. We have to admit, it’s a little disconcerting for us to see the typically unflappable Dr. Shepherd so unsettled. Once inside, the Chief orders Derek out of the room. He’s done all he can for the woman he loves. He has to let them help her now.

Burke, Bailey, Addison and the Chief try to raise Meredith’s body temperature, which is hovering around 80 degrees. All the interns are paged about Meredith's condition and rush to the scene. Through the hall door, they see a despondent Derek slumped on the floor, as Mark sits by his side in wordless support.

Izzie stops a worried Cristina from going in, telling her she's certain Meredith will survive this. George isn’t so optimistic. "People die," he says. Izzie makes a speech about how she knows people die, but she believes in the good, including believing that Denny is with her always. She also tells George that she thinks his marrying Callie was a huge mistake, but he’ll be okay. They’ll all be okay.

Meredith, severely hypothermic, isn't responding to the efforts to revive her. The Chief announces, "We're losing her." Then we see Meredith sit up with a gasp. She's alone in the room. Or so we think. Then we see the demolition expert who was blown up at the hospital awhile back. "Am I dead?" she asks him. But it's someone else who answers. "Damn right you are," says Denny Duquette.

What’s going on, you ask? We have no idea.

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