S3 E17 Some Kind of Miracle

02/22/07 | TV-14 | CC

Meredith Grey is fighting for her life! Her friends are doing everything they can to save her. But is she doing everything she can to save herself?

The Chief, Bailey and Burke work feverishly to revive Meredith, but they can’t get a heartbeat. Addison tells her friends to prepare themselves for the worst. It’s nothing anyone wants to hear (including us). Cristina takes it especially hard, leaving the hospital to go shopping at the 99-cents store. She then hits Joe’s Bar, where she flaunts her new discount purchases while drinking. Burke shows up and says she should come back to the hospital to say goodbye to her friend. We’re not sure Cristina has the strength.

We see Meredith in (what we’re guessing is) the afterlife. She’s hanging out with some deceased folks from her past. The ghostly roll call includes: Denny Duquette, Dylan (the blown-up bomb squad guy), Bonnie (the first patient who ever died on her), her mom’s old scrub nurse and her dead dog Doc.

Meredith swears to Denny that she fought to survive in the water. But she later admits, that just for a moment, she thought “what’s the point?” and gave up. Denny tells her she can’t stay here. If she does, it’ll break her friends, who have lost so much already. And Derek will be utterly devastated.

Back in the real world, Derek goes off on Ellis Grey telling her she broke her daughter because nothing Meredith did was ever good enough. We know it wasn’t the right thing to do. Ellis is a sick woman, and should be treated as such. But if the rant was cathartic for Derek, we’re okay with that. Addison pulls him away telling him there’s still a chance for Meredith. He can’t give up. Ellis crashes while Derek is still outside her room. He works to save her telling her she won’t die. Not today. Sadly, it will be today indeed.

The pregnant woman that Alex rescued is dubbed Jane Doe, as she has no recollection of who she is. She initially thinks Alex is her husband. Alex tells her everything he knows about her—approximate age, blood type, etc. He jokes that he now knows her better than some of his closest friends. Jane Doe thinks that’s pretty lame.

A faint pulse shows up on Meredith’s monitor. They shock her, but Meredith flatlines again. Cristina walks into the room and orders them to try again. In ghost world, Meredith sees her mother walking by outside her room. Ellis tells her, "You shouldn't be here." She hugs her and tells her daughter she's “anything but ordinary.” She tells her to run. Thankfully, Meredith does.

There’s a heartbeat. It gets stronger. Meredith is even breathing on her own. Addison asks if they've paged Derek, but Miranda says she wants to give it some more time first. Everyone leaves the room except Cristina. Meredith starts to mumble something, but Cristina can't understand her. "You brain works," Cristina tells her. She orders her to talk. Meredith says, "Ouch."

As tears of joy run down Cristina's face (ours too), she blurts out that she and Burke are getting married and that Meredith was the one person she wanted to tell. "Thank you for not dying," she says. The other interns run to see it for themselves when they hear that Meredith is okay. Derek is standing in the doorway when Meredith wakes up again. She asks if her mother's dead and when he says yes, she tells him it's okay.

Watching through the window, Addison tells Mark that Derek never felt that way about her. He says, "I did." She says if he can go 60 days without sleeping with another woman, then maybe she'll believe him. He agrees. No, seriously! We know what you’re thinking. McSteamy will be lucky to go 60 minutes let alone 60 days!

Izzie halfheartedly apologizes to George after being extremely mean to Callie throughout the day. George just walks away. Richard says goodbye to Ellis while Derek climbs into bed to hold Meredith. And as Izzie walks out of the hospital, she stops for a second and we see ghostly Denny standing next to her. They both close their eyes and smile. Then Denny walks down the hall and disappears. It’s a bittersweet ending to a terrific three-episode story arc that left us emotionally drained, but also emotionally satisfied. And that’s why we love Grey’s.

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