S3 E18 Scars and Souvenirs

03/15/07 | TV-14 | CC

The retiring Chief’s job is up for grabs and it may just go to the new guy who’s grabbing Cristina’s butt. Two people we totally don’t expect to end up in bed together, well…you guessed it…end up in bed together.

Izzie examines a war vet who complains about pain in his shoulder. It appears he was shot by his own men after he made a call they didn't like. Did we mention it happened 50 years ago? The man agrees to surgery so he can finally prove who shot him. But the bullet is too badly damaged to prove anything. It’s a nice souvenir though.

The attendings are fighting in the halls, trying to impress visiting cardiothoracic specialist, Dr. Colin Marlow (guest star Roger Rees). Richard is considering him as the new Chief. Marlow warmly greets Cristina with a hug. We also see him tweak her tushy. Unfortunately, Burke catches the butt squeeze, too.

Cristina admits they had a three-year relationship when she was a student and Marlow was her professor. We’re wondering if Cristina is a serial teacher dater. Burke is, too. He confronts Cristina about her relationship with Marlow. She denies that she's simply moving from one mentor to another. He wonders why she even said she’d marry him. She says she's doing it because it will make him happy. Clearly, that's not enough for him.

No one has identified Alex's Jane Doe yet. Mark wants to operate on her eye but Addison wants her to wait for the baby's sake. Alex advises her to go ahead and get the surgery. But during the procedure, Jane starts to bleed. Addison is called in to sew up her cervix so she won't lose the baby. Addison goes off on Sloan for rushing things to impress Marlow with a complicated surgery.

A former colleague of Derek's, Helen, is in the hospital for an operation on a nasal tumor. She comes in every few years to reduce it, but they've never been able to completely remove it. Derek proposes another surgery that should remove the tumor entirely. This surgery is much riskier, but he doesn't let up until she agrees.

During surgery, Helen flatlines. Derek opts to open up her chest himself rather than page Burke. Marlow is impressed but when Burke hears about it, he accuses Derek of trying to showboat for Marlow's sake. But Helen pulls through and Derek tells her the tumor is completely gone.

Meredith's dad, Thatcher, and stepmother offer their condolences for Meredith’s mother's death and invite her to dinner. Derek suggests Mer host dinner at her house and Izzie offers to do all the cooking. Dinner is just as awkward as Meredith feared, especially when her father says his new granddaughter looks so much like a photo of Molly as a girl. Meredith points out that the photo he's describing is of her. We’re squirming as much as Thatcher.

As Thatcher leaves, Meredith tells him no one uses the old porch swing because it doesn't swing. He removes a pin, saying he put it there because Meredith used to catch her fingers in it as a girl. She's clearly touched that he does remember something about her.

Alex has moved into George’s old room while George and Callie have been living it up in a swanky hotel. When George wants to pay his share, he discovers that it’s way expensive. Fortunately, his wife is an heiress. Most of us here would have been jazzed by the news but George feels betrayed by Callie’s secret stash of cash. George laughs when Callie tells him that Izzie has a crush on him. So she throws him out of the hotel room. No room service for Georgie boy tonight.

George shows up with a bottle of booze and tells Izzie it's her job as his best friend to talk him into liking Callie again. He admits that he might have made a mistake with the marriage and Izzie assures him that he’s not the first person to feel that kind of doubt. The two get progressively drunker and George tells Izzie that Callie said she has a crush on him. The two laugh uproariously at the idea. If it's so funny, we’re wondering what Izzie’s doing the next morning, naked in bed with George.

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