S3 E19 My Favorite Mistake

03/22/07 | TV-14 | CC

George meets Callie’s dad a day after committing adultery with Izzie. Hey, is there ever really a good time to meet the parents?

Izzie is completely reeling after having slept with George, but George doesn't remember a thing. Bummer. He does have a killer hangover though. His headache is compounded when he finds out Callie’s dad is in town. Daddy’s not too thrilled about the quickie marriage, but he’s willing to provide for the newlyweds. Then last night comes back to George in a flash and he excuses himself, but not before insisting he doesn't want any of the Torres family fortune.

Callie’s dad respects George for wanting to be a sole provider, but he warns him to never hurt his only little girl. Too late! George finds Izzie and she realizes he now knows that they slept together. Izzie wants to tell Callie but George insists he can't hurt her. Think they’ll be able to keep the secret?

Colin Marlow has a 10-year plan for Seattle Grace. Once word of the plan reaches the others vying to become Chief, they all try to outdo each other. Mark picks Miranda's brain about what the hospital needs for the future, but all she can think about is what’s needed right now. Addison, Burke and Derek are amazed when Sloan wows the board with his "Right Now" plan. Did anyone else notice the daggers shooting out of Bailey’s eyes?

Callie's patient, Cathy, has an incredibly rare disease which turns muscle into bone. She has internal bleeding, likely caused from too many painkillers. She knows she'll die of this disease sooner or later, so she asks what will happen if she refuses surgery. Callie tells her she'll bleed to death. Her daughter, Nina, won't hear of her mother giving up. Sadly, Cathy bleeds out on the operating table. Izzie tries to comfort her daughter by telling her that her mom was worried that she had taken on so much of her disease that she was freezing up, too. If she falls, she won’t break. Think this has anything to do with how Izzie’s feeling after having slept with George?

Cristina tends to a construction worker with diabetes. His foot needs to be amputated, but he begs her to find some way to save it. She pores over books, equating the man's foot with her own floundering relationship, but in the end, she can't save it. But she decides she can still save her relationship. That night, Cristina finally agrees to a wedding, only if it's small and not religious. That’s fine. But there will be cake, right?

Jane Doe needs to pick a face, any face, from three possible computer images for her reconstructive plastic surgery. She worries that whoever's baby she's carrying won't recognize her if she picks the wrong one. So Alex helps her choose by inventing a persona for the three different faces and she picks the one he likes best," Ava."

Derek is keeping tabs on Meredith, who seems cheery enough, talking about how her dead mother would approve of a procedure she's going to do on Jane Doe. Sloan is going to let her harvest bone from her face by herself. Derek is concerned that Mark is using Ellis Grey's daughter to impress the Chief. Derek confesses to Richard that he can't focus on presenting his plan to the board, since he's so worried about Meredith and that his only 10-year plan is about her.

Meredith isn’t happy about Derek’s over-protective ways, but she tells Mark that she won't do it just to serve his ends. He says that the Chief has been looking at her like a lost puppy, but if she does the surgery, he'll look at her like a surgeon again. Okay, we know McSteamy can be McSlimy, but that sounds like a pretty noble argument to us. Wouldn’t you agree?

Meredith decides to do the procedure and comes through with flying colors. "Dead Mommy’s proud," she later tells Derek, who needs cheering up after his board presentation flopped, although he doesn't tell her why he was distracted. We won’t tell either.

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