S3 E24 Testing 1 2 3

05/10/07 | TV-14 | CC

Meredith’s friends fear she may not be ready as they all attempt to pass the most important test of their lives. And Burke wonders if Cristina is truly ready to marry him.

Thatcher Grey bans Meredith from Susan’s funeral. The Chief assures Meredith she's not to blame for Susan’s death and that Thatcher knows it too. Meredith tells Richard that just because he slept with her mom it doesn’t make him her father. Easy, Mer. The Chief was just trying to help.

Three of four lost mountain climbers come in with severe frostbite and various broken bones. They say they were all tied together when a sudden storm hit and fell, as a group, down a 100-foot drop. When they came to, their friend Lonnie was dead. They had no choice but to leave him. We sense there’s more to the story.

After weeks of cramming, the time has come for the interns to take their boards. George notices that Meredith hasn't written a single thing on her paper. Afterward, Derek asks her how it went but she doesn't answer. If she fails, she'll have to repeat her year as intern. George tells the Chief what went down during testing.

Callie is jazzed that George has been accepted to Mercy West. Izzie pleads with him not to go, but he insists he can't keep kissing her in elevators. (Take the stairs, George. It’s good exercise.) Izzie and George overhear the hikers talk about how it was wrong to leave their friend behind. Told ya there was more to the story. Again, Izzie begs George not to leave. Yes, they made a mistake. But it was just sex. It didn't mean anything! And if you believe that, we’d like to take this opportunity to sell you the Space Needle at a “low, low discount price.”

Ava notes that her baby has her father's nose. She confesses her memory came back a few days ago. She now knows she was unhappily married and had gone to Seattle to think when the accident happened. Alex chews out Ava for not contacting her family and she says her husband never even came looking for her. He has absolutely no idea who she is. Later, Alex is tending to Ava's baby and she tells him, "Rebecca Pope. That's my name."

Joe and his partner, Walter, ask Addison to examine their potential birth mother, Rina. Addison informs Rina she's carrying twins, causing Joe to pass out. In other baby news, Adele is pregnant and the Chief doesn’t know. Adele’s baby looks fine, but she's spotting a little and Addison wants to keep her overnight.

The Chief is making his recommendation for Chief of Surgery and Chief Resident tomorrow. Mark praises Callie for her impressive work, assisting on multiple surgeries. It looks like Bailey may not be a shoo-in for Chief Resident, as has been the feeling around Seattle Grace. The Chief, meanwhile, summons Meredith. He tells her she's taking the test over again, right now. She tells him he's not her father. He says he knows, but hugs her anyway and she finally starts to cry.

Cristina is having trouble writing her vows. Callie and Meredith say the "love and cherish" part is overrated. But Izzie declares that if they couldn't be with the person they loved, they'd feel differently. Callie glares at Izzie, who has to look away. Think she was talking about Denny? If so, that nifty Space Needle is still up for sale!

With just one day until the wedding, Burke’s best man can't make it. Derek is called in to pinch hit, which means throwing the bachelor party at Joe’s. Derek asks Burke if Cristina's written her vows and he says he'll find out tomorrow. In turn, Burke asks how Meredith is. Derek has no idea. A pretty woman approaches Derek. She asks to buy him a drink but he declines. Think we’ll see that mystery woman again?

Richard spots Adele going into the ladies' room and tells her she doesn't have to hide. He finally barges in and finds her passed out on the floor. Meanwhile, Walter shows up at the bar with Rina, who complains of heartburn and faints dead away. The fourth climber is brought into the hospital barely alive and with an ax in his head!

So, is anyone else as pumped as we are for the Season Finale?!

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