S3 E25 Didn't We Almost Have It All?

05/17/07 | TV-14 | CC

The last episode left us hanging. Now, brace yourself for more of the same as the season finale sends some of our favorite Seattle Grace surgeons spinning in a new direction, while others simply spin out of control.

The Chief must fill two top jobs at Seattle Grace while caring for a pregnant Adele, who needs surgery. Addison does her best, but Adele loses the baby. Richard, thinking Adele is the one who has died, rushes to her side. He’s beyond relieved when he sees she’s okay and beyond surprised when she reveals he was the baby’s father. We’re relieved and surprised to see these two may now be on the road to reconciliation. We’re also glad to see that Joe and Walter’s surrogate mom looks to be fine, as do the healthy twin babies.

The shocked look on Bailey’s face says it all once she gets the news that Callie has been named Chief Resident. Mrs. O’Malley will have to balance career with domestic life, as she announces to George that she wants a baby. Izzie later announces to George that she’s in love with him. Think they should ask Izzie to be the godmother?

Addison, Mark and Burke get the news they won’t be the next Chief of Surgery at Seattle Grace. The Chief wants Derek to captain the ship. We feel that’s an appropriate metaphor since McDreamy has a thing for ferries. But Derek is not onboard with the decision. He wants Richard to stay right where he is. We kinda do, too.

Derek realizes the axe he removed from a mountain climber’s head was put there on purpose. The climber’s buddy fesses up. He thought his friend was dying and was trying to put him out of his misery. It’s another one of those patented patient/doctor parallel moments when Derek realizes he needs to be put out of his misery with Meredith. Der tells Mer the highlight of his week was when he flirted with a girl in a bar. He later tells her, “You’re the love of my life. I can’t leave you. But you’re constantly leaving me.”

Rebecca, aka Ava, aka Jane Doe, is overwhelmed when her husband comes to reclaim her. Alex is conflicted when he realizes the hubby is actually a decent guy. He’s further torn when Rebecca confesses her feelings for him. She wants Alex to give her a reason to stay. We can see by the look on Alex’s face that he has feelings for her, too. Nevertheless, he sends her back to her husband.

Everyone is goin’ to the chapel, ‘cause Burke and Cristina are gonna get married. Well, almost everyone. George stays behind presumably because of the whole Izzie/Callie conundrum. But during a heart-to-heart with Bailey, we find out George didn’t pass his boards. He has two choices: quit or repeat his internship. Things don’t look good when we see George cleaning out his locker as the new interns arrive. One of them is that girl Derek flirted with at the bar. He didn’t catch her name. We catch it now. It’s Lexie. Lexie Grey. Hmmm.

At the church, Alex hits on Addison, who proceeds to inform him that he’s fallen for Ava. Yeah, we knew it awhile ago, but sometimes it takes a little straight talk to knock some sense into Seattle Grace’s finest. Alex skips out on the wedding ceremony to race back to Ava. But all he finds is her vacant hospital room.

Burke waits patiently at the altar as Cristina has a panic attack in the vestibule. Meredith talks her back from the edge, but it’s been too long. Burke enters the vestibule knowing that Cristina does not want to walk down that aisle. She’d do it, because she loves him. But there’s no escaping the fact that she doesn’t “want” to do it.

Meredith addresses the wedding guests from the altar. With Derek standing just a few feet away, she announces, “It’s over. You can all go home. It’s over. So over.” Everyone is dazed and confused. Derek, however, is more stung than stunned. That “so over” part was obviously aimed at him.

Izzie sits alone at the empty church in quiet reflection. Only she’s not alone. Callie is staring at her ominously from behind. Back home, Cristina realizes Burke’s most personal things are no longer there. “He’s gone,” she says. Then she cries, “I’m free” before bursting into tears. Meredith cuts an anguished Cristina out of her wedding dress. She’s emotionally drained. We are, too. A sure sign of another killer season finale from Grey’s.

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