S4 E01 A Change Is Gonna Come

09/27/07 | TV-14 | CC

New interns, a new boss and a new family member take a backseat to the intense new traumas and dramas that hit Seattle Grace’s newest surgical residents. But it’s the same old, same old for our old friend George who must repeat his internship while dealing with some unresolved Izzie issues. Let’s just call them Izzues.

It’s been a few weeks since Cristina was left at the altar. We know…it was harsh. But she managed to make the most of her honeymoon by snorkeling with Meredith in Hawaii. Back on dry land, Bailey spent her time stewing over the fact that Callie was named Chief Resident. Derek was asked to deliver a message from Burke, Alex resisted the urge to visit Rebecca while Izzie pretty much spent her days waiting around for George.

Speaking of George, we all let out a collective “whew” when he popped up as part of Meredith’s team in training. Alex intimidated his interns while Izzie’s group dubbed her a “dud.” Cristina’s crew includes an enthusiastic yet anxious Lexie Grey. Everyone here felt Lexie could have found a better time to tell Meredith she was her long lost half-sis. A trauma scene stemming from a multi-car pileup is simply no place for a family reunion.

Meredith’s car crash patient is a pregnant woman whose arm was completely severed. She said her baby has no dad so he’s already “down two arms.” Our hopes that she will be able hold her baby without issue soar once Dr. Mark Sloan commands, “Get me that arm.”

Cristina’s patient is DOA. Then he isn’t. He’s been internally decapitated and the only thing holding his head on is his skin. 90 percent of these cases die in the field and we don’t even want to mention what happens to the other 10. But those patients didn’t have Derek Shepherd as their doc.

Izzie’s patient was also among the dearly departed. Make that “deerly” departed, as a young boy convinces her to take a look at the deer that caused the car accident. This doesn’t sit well with the boy’s father. The interns aren’t too thrilled either. But we all knew Izzie was going to do everything possible to save the animal once Bambi looked her in the eye.

Alex gets stuck with a guy with a small knee injury and a big appetite. He eats some cotton balls before moving on to an entrée of assorted surgical instruments. Alex asks Callie for a better assignment. When she refuses, he threatens to go over her head to Bailey who, as we all know, is actually not over her head. Miranda makes sure the Chief knows that, too.

Derek, Meredith and Lexie converge in the hall. Derek recognizes Lexie as the girl he met in the bar. You had to love Meredith’s “I’m the girl in the bar” line to put Lexie in her place. The look on Derek’s face when he finds out the “girls” in the bar are sisters is also pretty priceless.

When George runs into Izzie, she accuses him of avoiding her ever since she said “I love you.” In fairness, George has a lot on his mind. Earlier Callie dropped hints that she might be pregnant. It looks to us like she’s just feeling him out to gage his reaction.

George again leaves Izzie hanging to head off to surgery where the pregnant woman goes into labor as Sloan is reattaching her arm. With no time to call OB, George jumps into action making him a hero to the other interns who can’t believe he delivered a baby on his “very first day.”

Derek breaks the news to Cristina that Burke resigned. Mark breaks the news to Derek that the real reason he returned to Seattle was to patch things up with him. And Richard tells Bailey that he didn’t make her Chief Resident because she’s better at surgery than juggling paperwork.

Alex’s instrument-eating patient ends up with a perforated stomach. This doesn’t sit well with Callie who struggles all day to get some respect. Izzie saves the deer and makes us cheer when she tells her interns that maybe they are the duds. Derek’s head injury patient wakes up during surgery but Cristina settles him down and we later catch him holding hands with his kids.

Cristina admits to Alex that she misses Burke. This was shortly after he tells her he misses Rebecca. Or is it Ava? We never know what to call her. Meredith and Derek also missed each other as evidenced by their breakup kiss which leads to some breakup sex. Has anyone else ever had a breakup go so well? At the end of the day, George shows up at Izzie’s door to say, “I love you too.” Guess he missed her.

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