S4 E03 Let the Truth Sting

10/11/07 | TV-14 | CC

Secrets, lies and a really old guy jump-start the day at Seattle Grace. Toss in a very chatty woman who may lose her tongue, two top docs in over their heads and more than a few shocking revelations and you’ll find that even the best doctors have no cure when the truth stings.

Meredith and Derek are enjoying their secret affair. But the secret’s out when Cristina catches them acting all gooey in the elevator. Cristina thinks Meredith didn’t tell her about “doin’ McDreamy” because she’s still reeling from the Burke breakup. She’s not. Still, Cristina acts depressed so Meredith will show pity and slide her some surgeries. It’s either inspired or horrifying. We can’t decide.

George’s fellow interns still don’t know he’s a repeater and he still hasn’t told Callie about his love for Izzie. When a really old guy, affectionately known as Really Old Guy, wakes up from a year-long semi-coma, he breaks it to Izzie that George isn’t about to leave his wife. She freaks and tells George that he must confront Callie. George tells her to back off because it’s not about her. Think he’s right?

In the medical world, Callie holes up in a room doing paperwork while Richard and Mark decide to try an innovative surgical procedure on a loquacious lady who has cancer on her tongue. Problem is—neither of them have ever done such an operation.

Alex is breaking in a middle-aged intern named Norman. Before he can dump Norm in the clinic, Bailey makes them both tend to a teenage boy whose mom thinks he’s on drugs. Turns out he has a neurological condition that may be more serious than anyone realizes.

Meredith supervises as Lexie does her first intubation on a patient who ultimately dies. Lexie is appalled that Meredith didn’t do more to save him and that she’s so cavalier about how it all went down. Do you think some of this tension may stem from the fact that Lexie’s mom died on Meredith’s watch?

When Really Old Guy says he wants to die, Izzie decides to help him. Not really. She merely yanks out some insignificant tubes and wires, one of which is lamp plug, because he’s driving her bananas. Unfortunately, her irritable/lovable patient eventually does pass away just as Izzie realizes he was probably right about George.

Richard and Mark hit a snag during their risky tongue procedure. Derek has to bail them out. Unfortunately, while this is happening, the boy with the neurological condition collapses. With Shepherd unavailable, Alex has just ten minutes to save the boy’s life. He does just that by sticking a needle behind the teen’s eye to drain the fluid from his brain. Alex had us go from cheering him to jeering him when he coldly told the interns that George was a repeater.

Bailey tells Meredith that it’s her job to help Lexie be a better doctor. Meredith takes the first step down this road by giving Lexie a detailed description of how her mom died. You could just see all the agony and uncertainty leaving Lexie’s face. We loved it!

At the end of the day, Bailey admits to having a hard time accepting Callie as her boss. She offers to help as much as she can by being her Number Two. Callie accepts with much relief but she’s not feeling good for long. Later that night, George finally confesses that he slept with Izzie. Yes, the truth stings.

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