S4 E04 The Heart of the Matter

10/18/07 | TV-14 | CC

An emotionally-charged case hits close to home for The Chief while everyone else in the hospital anticipates a no holds barred brawl between Izzie and Callie. Oh, and there’s an offer of “48 hours of sex” on the table for someone at Seattle Grace.

When we last left our constantly-conflicted pal George, he had just told Callie about his affair with Izzie. In a move we didn’t see coming, she forgives him. George tries to find Izzie to give her the scoop but Callie gets to her first. She tells Izzie that George told her everything. Now that she has the lowdown there’s gonna be a showdown. The cafeteria. High noon. BE THERE!

After getting travel tips from McSteamy, McDreamy asks Meredith to go away with him for 48 hours of sex in wine country which, we presume, is much better than 48 hours of sex in Seattle. In order to go, she must trade shifts with Alex who forces her to take Norman, the world’s oldest intern, for the day. This proves challenging when Norman makes what we call a near-fatal goof by telling the wrong woman she’s dying. The search is on to find her once she checks out...of the hospital, that is.

Cristina lays into Lexie when she makes a careless mistake while trying to comfort a patient who may be paralyzed. Derek, who has become chums with the other Grey girl, tells Cristina that she’s there to teach the interns not abuse them. Cristina takes this criticism to heart and later talks Lexie through a difficult procedure.

The Chief has more than a professional interest at stake with his latest patient when his 18-year-old niece is brought in with a cancerous mass blocking her throat. She has been battling cancer for years and just doesn’t want to fight anymore.

The case causes great conflict for Richard. As a doctor, he must respect the wishes of his patient. As an uncle, he desperately wants to do whatever it takes to save his dearly loved niece. The situation also causes conflict in his already shaky marriage to Adele. Our hearts broke when Richard’s niece told him she just wants to go home which he knew meant she just wants to die.

The big brawl between Izzie and Callie turned out to be all hype. Callie just wanted to talk but was instead humiliated in front of everyone. You could almost see the daggers in Callie’s eyes when she later called Izzie a “traitorous bitch.” Callie’s rage boiled over when she almost came to blows with a man who she believes caused his malnourished girlfriend’s death. We all know Callie’s meltdown was really about her troubles with George, who she obviously does not forgive.

Alex was ticked at Izzie all day after finding out she slept with George. Remember when she rejected him after Denny died because she wasn’t ready? Alex does, however, drop off a box of tissues when he hears her crying in her room. He then tells her to keep it down. That guy has to be the most complex character we’ve ever seen!

Meredith and Norman eventually find their patient and tell her she’s not going to die. Always a good thing. Derek then finds Meredith to tell her he wants more than 48 hours of sex. Wow, what stamina! Actually, the “more” he’s talking about is marriage. He knows she’s not ready and he’s willing to wait. However, if during that waiting period someone else comes along who wants to give Derek all that he wants from Meredith, well…CUE THE ELEVATOR DOORS TO CLOSE.

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