S4 E05 Haunt You Every Day

10/25/07 | TV-14 | CC

Bloody chainsaws, a haunted foot, a dead mom’s ashes and trick or treating for ears. We feel Dr. Alex Karev said it best when he said, “Happy Freakin’ Halloween!”

It’s October 31st at Seattle Grace. Some past ghosts and a chainsaw pumpkin-carving contest are sure to add to the Halloween fun. After Callie and Bailey warn the team to watch for the usual slew of freaks and weirdos, Callie tells Izzie to direct all of her questions to Bailey. Why? “Because she’s been sleeping with my husband,” Callie announces calmly. ‘Nuff said.

Meredith is haunted by the fact that she hasn’t put her mother to rest. So she pops mom’s ashes into a baggie and brings them to work. Hey, at least they’re out of her closet, right? Of course, when she literally runs into McDreamy they end up on the floor. During the cleanup, Meredith meets a young boy who needs an ear. She forms a plan with Sloan to do a little pro bono surgery. This includes having the kid trick or treat for ears to gain sympathy from all those who must sign off on the procedure.

A ghost from Alex’s past materializes behind Curtain Three in the form of Rebecca, aka, Ava. This leads to some hot sex behind closed doors. Probably because those flimsy hospital curtains aren’t soundproof. Rebecca tells Alex he “chickened out” when he didn’t come for her. Do you think he chickened out? We sure don’t. Rebecca begs him not to do it again. But when duty calls, Alex is gone too long and Rebecca leaves once more.

Bailey treats a businessman who wants to remove his foot because it haunts him. She later tends to a pumpkin-carver whose chainsaw suddenly goes MIA. You just knew that VRUMM, VRUMM, VRUMM echoing in the halls wasn’t a high-speed blender. Sure enough Bailey’s first patient was caught hacking off his own foot which led to blood splattering everywhere. It’s gonna be a way tougher cleanup than Meredith’s spilled ashes.

Callie and Cristina bond over their troubles as they finish the businessman’s butcher job by amputating his haunted foot. But Norman, Alex’s elderly intern, collapses during the procedure having had a stroke. Derek operates and manages to pull the old guy through. Norman then tells Alex he’s switching to psychiatry because he loves to talk and all the surgeons at this particular hospital could use a good shrink.

An elderly man who needs a new heart is conflicted when his brain dead daughter is brought in as a perfect match. He tells the team to give her heart to someone else. George then tells him about his own father and how he would have given up his heart to save him. George knows the man’s daughter would do the same for him.

Brooke Smith returns as Dr. Erica Hahn to perform the daughter-dad heart transplant. When Cristina wants in on the operation, Hahn accuses her of sleeping her way into surgeries back when she was with Burke. Cristina fires back calling her “inappropriate” and “unprofessional.” This is before she finds out Dr. Hahn agreed to be the new head of cardiothoracic surgery. Stay tuned for future episodes where Cristina will no doubt suffer the “Wrath of Hahn.”

Now we have some good news and some bad news. Callie’s good news comes when Cristina lets her move into her messy apartment. The Chief’s bad news is that he has no place to live because he’s getting a divorce. Bailey is bummed because she missed her son’s first Halloween and Derek is upset because he has to start dating. George and Izzie, on the other hand, are just happy they made it through the day.

Meredith’s young patient got his Halloween treat of a brand new ear. He then gave her some, no pun intended, sound advice on what to do with mom’s ashes. Lexie also shared a personal story about her mother which seemed to cheer up her half-sis. With the help of The Chief, Meredith ends up washing her mother’s ashes down a scrub room sink because “this is where she would want to be.” We already know we want to be in front of a TV anytime Grey’s airs their Halloween episode. Preferably a haunted TV.

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