S4 E08 Forever Young

11/15/07 | TV-14 | CC

As McDreamy dates one coworker and flirts with another (neither of which are named Meredith), a busload of injured high school students and Dr. Bailey’s old flame turn up the heat at Seattle Grace.

Derek goes on a date with the somewhat eccentric Dr. Sydney Heron (guest star Kali Rocha) as Meredith and Mark look on in disbelief. George and Izzie continue to have sex that, according to Izzie, is “just tragic.” When word of their rocky relationship spreads, Callie doesn’t really try to hide her smile.

An accident brings in a busload of injured teens. The most serious injury involves a popular kid with a pencil stuck in his eye. During the boy’s surgery, Derek makes a remark about cliques drawing a chuckle from an OR nurse named Rose (guest star Lauren Stamile). Before Derek can respond, his patient takes a turn for the worse going into a coma. Now someone has to break the news to his best friend who waits in the lobby.

Also aboard the bus was Marcus, an old classmate of Bailey’s who affectionately remembers her as “Mandy.” George catches Bailey gettin’ all gushy over Marcus. Bailey says she was just his tutor but we can clearly see she always wanted more. We can also see what it was like for Miranda in high school as Marcus charms her into filling out all his paperwork. Anybody else out there go to high school with a jerk like this guy?

Thatcher Grey comes in after getting hurt during a drunken stupor. The Chief wants Alex to have Lexie deal with him but it’s Meredith who ends up tending to the Grey patriarch. She finds dad quite charming and tells Lexie to keep a better eye on him. This sets Lexie off. She knows dear old dad is often delightful when he’s drunk except for those days he’s calling her an “ungrateful bitch.” We totally feel Mer’s devastation once she realizes everything her dad said to her was a lie.

Bailey’s old crush, Marcus, ends up needing a heart procedure. Cristina wants in on the surgery but skips it because she doesn’t want it to seem like she’s kissing up to Dr. Hahn. Hahn winds up paging Cristina during the surgery but only to chew her out. The best laid plans…

Marcus makes it through the surgery and thanks Miranda for always being there for him. This is just before he asks her to finish the rest of his paperwork. Bailey finally sees Marcus for who he is. But instead of telling him off, she lets McDreamy have it because “guys like you…don’t see girls like me.” Derek then confesses he was a band geek just like her. He says, “I would have been honored to take a girl like you to homecoming.” We feel the same way.

Derek finally tells his patient’s friend that the boy is never going to wake up. Rose, the OR nurse, admits to Derek that she’s touched he cares so much. We could see by the look on Derek’s face that, minus the surgical mask, he had no idea who Rose is. He’s shocked to learn that they’ve worked 36 surgeries together and yet he never even knew her name. He does now.

At home, George and Izzie admit they miss each other as best friends. At Joe’s bar, Sydney dumps Derek saying he’s not ready for her. Pause here to laugh out loud like we did. Derek spots Meredith at the bar. The two of them leave together. But before Der locks hands with Mer, he locks eyes with Rose who shoots him a friendly nod and a smile. Does anyone else smell a Rose storyline preparing to bloom?

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