S4 E09 Crash Into Me - Part One

11/22/07 | TV-14 | CC

A violent ambulance crash sets the stage for a day filled with traumas and dramas that quickly spiral out of control for just about everyone at Seattle Grace.

Bailey’s husband is fed up because she’s never around. Being Chief Resident is a full-time job. But so is being a stay-at-home dad. Bailey invites her hubby to the hospital so they can talk it out over lunch.

Derek is getting pretty chummy with a pretty nurse named Rose. He asks about the ring she wears around her neck. It’s from an engagement that ended because she knew what she wanted but her fiancé didn’t. You can see by the look on McDreamy’s face that he knows exactly what she means.

Sloan briefs the team on Nick, a man who had a tumor removed from his neck leaving his carotid artery pretty much completely exposed. He’s in constant danger of the artery blowing. We think the chatty Nick (guest star Seth Green) is completely endearing as he instantly bonds with Lexie. It seems they’ve both dated vapid narcissists in the past. Hey, who hasn’t?

The day takes an unexpected turn when an out-of-control ambulance crashes into another ambulance outside the hospital. Two paramedics, Stan and Ray, are trapped inside their wrecked vehicle. Ray hangs upside-down with severe injuries while Stan’s situation is even grimmer. As soon as they move Stan, he’ll bleed out. The Chief asks Ray to keep his best friend talking until his wife arrives to say goodbye.

A father of four, who was in one of the ambulances, is suffering from complications from a recent heart procedure. Shrapnel also got lodged in his leg during the crash. Dr. Hahn asks Cristina to assist her after Izzie appears more interested in comforting the family. We don’t agree with Hahn’s assessment of the situation. But no one around here is the head of cardio at Seattle Grace. So it is what it is.

The driver of the other ambulance had a seizure caused by a tumor. Her partner has internal injuries but wants a “white” doctor to work on him. We see why once they pull up his shirt. A giant swastika tattoo covers his belly.

Bailey is forced to care for the racist paramedic. She jeopardizes her marriage by blowing off her lunch date with her husband. The patient also mucks things up for Cristina when Bailey yanks her off Hahn’s heart case because she’s not black or white. George gets roped into the supremacist’s surgery as well while Izzie gets to scrub in with Hahn after all.

Alex also assists in the heart surgery while dealing with a surprise visit from Ava/Rebecca who he sneaks into the gallery. Lexie also joins the gallery and, of course, sits right next to Rebecca. Can you say busted? Lexie is more than a little hurt when she discovers the truth about Alex’s relationship with the lady to her left.

As Derek operates on the paramedic with the tumor, the computer’s navigational system crashes and he can’t see what he’s doing. His only option is to wait for a repair tech while her brain remains fully exposed.

As the extraction to free the men from their ambulance begins, Stan notices an oxygen regulator is embedded in Ray’s back. Ray will bleed out if they continue. The Chief tells Stan he saved Ray’s life but the heroic paramedic is already gone. Ray freak outs after realizing his best friend is dead. Meredith calms him by saying, “You are not going to die today!” But Ray needs an ultrasound before they can do anything else. Only little, little Meredith can fit inside the mangled ambulance to save him.

Inside the hospital, Lexie’s patient, Nick, suggests she exact some revenge on Alex by dating a guy with an exposed carotid artery. Let’s see him top that! Lexie goes from being mildly amused to utterly stunned as Nick’s artery blows covering her in blood. CRASH TO BLACK.

To be continued.

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