S4 E10 Crash Into Me - Part Two

12/06/07 | TV-14 | CC

Derek flies blind inside an open brain, Meredith tries to save a paramedic as he hangs upside-down and if Lexie moves her hand, a man will die. Everything is about to come crashing down at Seattle Grace.

We last left Lexie as she was being showered in blood by her patient Nick’s burst artery. She uses her hand to cover the wound in his neck, but if either of them moves, Nick will bleed out. Lexie manages to control the bleeding until Sloan arrives. But when the artery bursts again, the search is on to find an open OR.

Dr. Hahn is operating on a father of four when she’s paged away. Sloan also bails on the surgery to tend to Nick. A somewhat distracted Alex takes the wheel as Rebecca watches from the gallery. The patient suddenly starts bleeding profusely. Alex and Callie do their best to control it. Hahn returns, a bit rattled, because she didn’t check the man’s grafts. She quickly gets it together by reminding herself, “This man has four children” and by repeating, “You will not die.” It’s probably the first time we’ve ever seen the human side of Dr. Erica Hahn and it’s actually kinda cool.

Derek works on an open brain with a crashed computer. Nurse Rose had three semesters of computer science and offers to take a crack at repairing it. Her voice and hands are shaky but, with Derek’s help, she connects all the right wires. After saving the patient, Rose makes another connection when she shares a kiss with McDreamy. Not bad for a computer geek.

Inside an upside-down ambulance, Meredith drains the blood that’s pooling around Paramedic Ray’s heart as his partner, Stan, lies dead beside them. Ray is pried from the wreckage with serious damage to his lungs and heart. His anguished partner’s wife wants to get out of the hospital but Meredith convinces her to stay with Ray since neither of them have anyone right now and, “It’s better to have someone.” That’s probably why she tells Derek she doesn’t want him to date anyone but her. You think Derek will go along with that after his kiss from a Rose?

Bailey runs into trouble while working on a white supremacist with internal injuries. This causes her to miss a lunch date with her neglected/angry husband. Cristina is also ticked at Bailey for taking her off Dr. Hahn’s rotation to assist on the racist because of the color of her skin.

Lexie pleads for Nick to live as Sloan tries to repair the burst artery. But the damage is too severe. Cristina comforts a distraught Lexie by telling her she was very brave. It doesn’t fly. Lexie feels the hospital was not prepared for the day and she now feels very alone.

Erica is feeling alone as well which is why she invites Callie and Mark out for a drink. Alex, on the other hand, invites Rebecca home for sex. When Rebecca wants to talk, Alex coldly tells her he’s also sleeping with Lexie. He then goes off on Rebecca telling her be honest and to just admit that she’s not with him “to talk.” The whole scene made everyone around here very uncomfortable, especially when they started kissing again.

Izzie is bummed that she’ll never be as driven as Erica or Cristina. George tells her that’s a good thing. They cuddle up in bed admitting that, while they love each other, the timing may not be right for their relationship. Out in the living room, Meredith is caught off-guard when Cristina brings Lexie home to drink with them. Hey, misery loves company. George and Izzie join the party because there’s really only one thing to do when you’ve had such a crappy day. Dance. Just dance.

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