S4 E11 Lay Your Hands on Me

01/10/08 | TV-14 | CC

Izzie has a lack of faith, Alex has a show of faith and Miranda’s faith is shaken to its core when her one-year-old baby boy is rushed to Seattle Grace.

The day begins with Derek taking Mark on a nature walk to show off the view of his future home. Afterwards, Derek stops by the house as Meredith makes breakfast for Lexie. When Derek drops news of the McDream house he’s building for both of them, Meredith drops an egg on the floor. You think that may be a sign of things to come? Lexie, meanwhile, eats the awful omelet her half-sis made even though she’s allergic to eggs.

George’s mom hits the hospital for a visit. George never told her about his split with Callie. Izzie unwittingly breaks the news of her affair with Mrs. O’Malley’s little boy as well as that little tidbit about George failing his intern exams. Mom is crushed. She wants George to move home so she can take care of him. George, however, knows it’s time he started taking care of himself. It’s nice to know that Georgie-boy is no mama’s boy. He asks Lexie to be his roommate in a new apartment. No eggs in the fridge though.

Izzie isn’t the only one spilling secrets. George overhears Derek talking about kissing Rose. He blabs about it to Meredith thinking it was common knowledge. It wasn’t. Mer tells Der she can’t trust him. Der tells Mer he knew she’d find a reason to walk away. This time it looks like the breakup is legit, so Derek asks Rose out to dinner. When she mentions she thought he wasn’t available, Derek replies, “Turns out I am."

A faith healer named Elizabeth is running around the hospital stabilizing sick patients. But Elizabeth is ill and needs heart surgery. She wants to visualize the procedure so she can heal herself. Erica orders Alex to walk her through the operation. Elizabeth feels Alex has a beautiful heart but there’s a darkness inside him because he was hurt so badly in the past. Alex is shaken by her insight.

Callie and Erica continue to bond. They are becoming very good friends much to Sloan’s chagrin. Miranda and her husband, Tucker, on the other hand aren’t bonding at all. They’re not even talking to each other. But Dr. Bailey is talking to us. We were all totally surprised when we heard her doing Meredith’s trademark “Grey’s” voiceover to open the show.

That was nothing compared to the shock Bailey gets when her one-year-old baby, Tuck, is brought into the ER. The baby gate was left open and a bookshelf fell on top of him. Tuck has a ruptured appendix and his stomach is pushed up around his heart. Everyone wants to help, but when Cristina labels Tuck as just another trauma case, Izzie calls her a “robot.”

Bailey bursts into the room as the team operates on her son. We knew she wouldn’t stay away. What mom could? But she’s an unwelcome guest in the OR and Hahn refuses to continue until Bailey is gone. Cristina offers to hold Tuck’s hand. This makes it easier for Bailey to clear out so her friends can save her baby. Guess Izzie was wrong about Cristina.

Izzie was also wrong about herself. She’s been envious of Cristina’s unwavering faith in her abilities. Alex ropes Izzie into doing the heart procedure walk-through on Elizabeth the faith healer because she’s an optimist and he’s a skeptic. Izzie is confused but agrees. Alex’s parting words to Izzie are, “Yang’s got nothing on you.” Nice.

Tuck’s surgery is a success but there’s still fluid around his heart. Richard convinces Miranda to let Elizabeth lay her hands on the baby. Tucker and Miranda are still angry with each other but follow Elizabeth’s order to hold hands for the sake of their son. Miraculously, Tuck’s condition dramatically improves. Guess it’s true. You gotta have faith.

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