S4 E14 The Becoming

05/08/08 | TV-14 | CC

Cristina is upset when Burke wins an award, Meredith is flustered by her feelings for McDreamy and every nurse in Seattle is steamed at McSteamy.

The nurses are boycotting surgeries with Dr. Sloan, a result of his repeated sexual romps in RN world. Now everyone at Seattle Grace must submit a form listing any coworker they’ve slept with in the past, as well as anyone they’re sleeping with in the present. We’re thinking they may run out of paper.

The Chief is surprised when ex-wife, Adele, pops up as a nurse mediator. Richard wants Adele to believe he’s changed by insisting he delegates his duties now. To prove it, he ropes George into taking the made-up job of the Chief’s intern. His first assignment—get everyone to sign those dreaded “Date and Tell” forms. George performs his job admirably but is upset when he realizes the Chief is using him to get back with his wife. Richard offers to make the position legit.

Meredith is in therapy. All she can think about while working with Derek is sticking her tongue in his mouth. Hard to do when you’re wearing a surgical mask. It’s even more difficult because Derek is with Rose, who snags one of those “sex” forms from George right in front of Meredith. Ouch!

The forms cause conflict in other places. Bailey is insulted when Richard exempts her from the filling out the questionnaire and Lexie is upset because Alex forgot to list her on his form. Of course, Alex has a lot on his mind. He’s working shifts at a bar for extra cash so he can move in with Rebecca. He thinks she’s carrying his baby. Izzie knows it’s not true but can’t say anything because of doctor-patient confidentiality.

Cristina learns that her former love, Dr. Burke, has won a prestigious medical award. This totally unhinges her. She bails on a transplant surgery to harvest hearts in the morgue while singing Madonna songs. Yeah, it’s that bad. When she’s asked to list Burke on the sex form, Cristina lets it all out. She was the one who performed surgeries for him when he couldn’t without ever getting any credit. (Check out “What I Am” from Season Three to see how the whole Burke/Yang surgical cover-up started.)

Dr. Hahn’s heart transplant case involves a woman who’s been unable to touch her husband or kids for weeks. She’s been living in a plastic tent to avoid infection. The woman’s lung collapses before the procedure. Alex, who has a mild fever, breaks through the isolation barrier to save her life. But the patient has been exposed to Alex’s virus so the transplant is put on hold. The good news is that since her isolation has been compromised, Erica and Alex agree it would be all right for her kids to enter the tent to hug their mom. It was one of those patented goose-bumpy Grey’s Anatomy moments we love.

Callie admits to Erica that she’s been avoiding her ever since Addison’s asked if they were a couple. They laugh hysterically, then nervously. Meanwhile, Richard must have convinced Adele that he’s truly changed because they end up in bed together. Wonder if he’ll have to fill out a new form.

The latest brain tumor patient for the Mer-Der clinical trial team is a young military vet named Darren. Darren’s father asked his platoon buddy, Todd, to come down for support. But Darren’s dad discovers the two soldiers are more than friends when he catches them kissing. He orders Todd to stay away from his son. The difficult situation causes both men to miss out on a possible final farewell before surgery.

Derek and Meredith are perfectly in sync during Darren’s surgery. Derek offers to stay with Meredith to monitor their patient throughout the evening. But Meredith tells him to go home with Rose. Darren crashes later that night and dies. Derek brings Meredith a bottle of champagne. They are going to open it when they finally save a patient with their clinical trial. They’ll also make a toast to all the ones they lost.

Bailey manages to smooth things over between Mark and the nurses. Of course, she does label McSteamy a “man whore” in the process. Sloan feels bad about that but Derek seems to feel worse. He admits to Mark that he finally slept with Rose…but was thinking about Meredith the whole time.

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