S4 E15 Losing My Mind

05/15/08 | TV-14 | CC

Fairy tales and fantasies mark the day as Meredith and McDreamy treat a woman with a Cinderella story while Sloan dreams of a threesome with two of Seattle Grace’s top docs. And the Chief’s mentor shows up in need of a risky heart procedure that no one wants to perform.

Still feeling the aftershocks of the nurse boycott, Sloan transforms himself into a new man. Let’s just call him McSensitive. Callie doesn’t care for the new Mark. She doesn’t want to talk. She only wants sex. Erica jokes that she’s having an affair with Callie. The idea of a threesome intrigues Mark—especially when Erica kisses Callie right in front of him. The girl-on-girl smooch jolts Sloan back to his McSteamy ways and leaves Callie a bit shaken.

Rebecca pops up looking for Sloan but Izzie finds her first. Izzie informs her patient she isn’t pregnant but Rebecca insists she is. When Rebecca asks Sloan for a breast enhancement, Mark and Izzie agree she needs a psych consult. Alex sees the ultrasound and knows that Rebecca was never pregnant. Rebecca refuses to believe it. She insists she had a miscarriage. Izzie is stunned when Alex still chooses to take care of her, when clearly she needs more substantial help.

The Chief has Adele on his mind after having spent the night with her. He has George draft a suggestive email. Remember, George is the Chief’s intern now. But he’s also doing a little marriage counseling for Bailey. He offers to take baby Tuck for the night so she can hash things out with her hubby. Dr. O’Malley works pretty hard at his medical duties, too. George tells Tuck he’s exhausted but he’s turning things around.

The Chief’s mentor, the eminent surgeon Walter Tapley (guest star Paul Dooley), comes to Seattle Grace in need of a risky heart procedure. His colleagues refuse to operate but Tapley knows Richard can’t turn him down. Erica, however, turns down Richard not wanting to go down in history as the doctor who killed the great Walter Tapley. Dr. Hahn finally agrees to operate as long as the Chief takes the blame if it all goes south. Much to Erica’s surprise, the Tapley surgery is a success.

Cristina is in a dark place. She’s cleaning the apartment, which is odd. She’s been railing on the interns. Okay, that’s normal. But she’s especially harsh to George and Lexie. You know things are bad when Cristina skips the surgery on Dr. Tapley to fill out charts. When Cristina goes off on Lexie a second time, young Dr. Grey doesn’t take it anymore. She says she scrubbed in on Tapley’s double-valve replacement and that’s something Cristina can never take away from her. Finally, Lexie shows some fire. We loved it!

The latest clinical trial patient, Greta, wants to wait for her boyfriend to arrive before Derek and Meredith operate. The problem is her boyfriend, Andre, may be a figment of Greta’s imagination generated by her brain tumor. Greta’s tale of how they met when Andre found her missing shoe sounds a little too Cinderella-ish to be true.

Real or imaginary, Derek is reluctant to take away the only love his patient has ever known. They can wait a few hours to see if Andre shows. Meredith thinks it’s foolish to wait on a fantasy. The time does come when they must operate. As it turns out, Andre is real. He arrives during the surgery. But the patient has swelling in her brain so she’ll never wake up again. There will be no fairy tale ending for Greta and Andre. It’s pretty awful.

It doesn’t look like Derek and Rose are going to live happily ever after either. Rose is ready to call it quits. Derek has been avoiding her ever since they spent the night together. He claims to have been consumed by the clinical trial and doesn’t want to do “complicated” again. They don’t need that fairy tale thing right now. They just “need a little happy.” Rose is cool with that and gives him a second chance.

Meredith is still in therapy. Her shrink calls Meredith a quitter and suggests that she may be suicidal because of how her mother treated her. So Mer fires her. Then she un-fires her, and reveals a secret about her mom. Ellis Grey tried to commit suicide when Meredith was a kid. Meredith says to her doctor, “So you think I’m broken? Fix me. Because I’m no quitter.” Looks like George isn’t the only one ready to turn things around.

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