S4 E16 Freedom - Part 1

05/22/08 | TV-14 | CC

Meredith and Derek may lose their clinical trial at midnight and a young man encased in concrete will certainly lose his life if the team at Seattle Grace doesn’t find a way to free him. Fast!

In an attempt to cheer up a depressed Cristina, Meredith gives her the sparkle pager; for the keeper of the prettified pager gets first dibs on all surgeries. This helps Cristina get her medical mojo back. But Rose’s mojo is a no-go whenever she’s around Meredith. Must stem from the fact that Derek decides to sell the land where he planned to build the Mer-Der McDream home.

Callie and Sloan are still hot and heavy. But Sloan makes their trysts more tantalizing by talking about all the dirty things they could be doing if Erica were there too. We didn’t know they could say things that steamy on network TV.

George complains to Lexie that he has no power even though he’s the Chief’s intern and has access to all his files. This inspires Lexie to break into the Chief’s office to steal said files. Anyone else think Lexie has a little kleptomania problem that may need to be addressed? While thumbing through the fruits of her most recent crime spree, Lexie reads George’s file and tells him he failed his intern exam by one point. Only one!

Bailey needs to spend more time doing surgeries in order to sit for her boards. She may get that much-needed OR time sooner rather than later when a teen named Andrew comes in. He was encased in cement after completing a dare by his so-called friends. Andrew did it to impress, Lola, the lone girl in the flippant group.

Everyone on the trauma team has a different concern about Andrew’s situation, yet no one knows where to begin. The only thing they can agree on is that they have to work fast before his organs shut down. Mark, Callie, Erica, Bailey, Cristina and a construction team work diligently to free the poor guy. They make progress but Bailey believes they’re missing something. Then it hits her. They’ve been giving him water for hours for hydration but unless they get a catheter in him immediately Andrew’s bladder will explode. You read that right. Gross!

Derek and Meredith welcome a couple of new clinical trial patients. Beth and Jeremy are two tumor-ridden teens who fell in love after meeting in a support group. Beth’s parents aren’t happy about the relationship. They believe if Jeremy dies, Beth won’t want to live.

The Chief informs Meredith that the board is shutting down the clinical trial at midnight unless she and Derek finally save someone. Meredith wants to operate on both patients before the deadline. Beth wants some private time with Jeremy before his surgery. Knowing this won’t fly with her parents, Derek and Meredith sneak them into a private room where they make love for the first—and we hope not the last—time.

Jeremy promises they will both make it through their surgeries. It’s a promise he can’t keep. Jeremy dies on the OR table, and Beth is devastated. Derek isn’t doing much better. He grabs the bottle of champagne he and Meredith were going to open once they finally saved a life and tosses it in the trash.

Meredith tells her therapist that her mother slit her wrists in front of her when she was a child. She had to wait until mom passed out before calling 911. The therapist suggests that Meredith is angry at the Chief, who went back to his wife after his affair with her mom. She also tells Meredith that her mom didn’t really want to kill herself. Meredith disagrees.

We feel an eerie parallel to Meredith’s therapy session when a concerned Izzie calls Alex at home for an update on a slowly-deteriorating Rebecca. Alex insists Rebecca is fine until he walks into the kitchen to find her limp hand dropping a bloody knife.

Is anyone else out there feeling emotionally drained right about now?

Alex brings Rebecca into the ER. Izzie sees that she’s slit her wrists. Alex insists he can handle Rebecca’s “bad patch” because he did before with his mother. Izzie knows Alex is in over his head, and orders a psych consult. Rebecca has borderline personality disorder. Alex calls her husband after finally realizing that he can’t help her. Finally.

Andrew crashes as toxins rush to his heart when they remove the last piece of cement. Cristina performs a controversial heart procedure she learned with Burke. Dr. Hahn isn’t happy about this but the Chief overrules her. Andrew survives to find that the Lola, the girl he was trying to impress, really does care for him. Looks like his heart was saved a couple different ways today.

Hahn gets a lecture from the Chief about being a better teacher. Lexie lectures George by telling him he’s capable of greatness. It’s the kick in the pants George needs to tell the Chief his talents are being wasted. The Chief agrees to let George retake his intern exams. George is so excited he kisses Lexie. For George, the kiss is all about enthusiasm. But by the look on Lexie’s face, we’re thinking she’s thinking it’s something more.

Several relationships take a turn. Mark urges Callie to tell Erica how she feels. He’s growing. Callie tries to get the words out but ends up kissing Erica instead. A broken Alex kisses Izzie, but it doesn’t feel right. Izzie ends up holding him close. The Chief goes home to Adele. He’s not asking her to come home, he’s telling her. An exasperated Adele responds, “It’s about time.” And Bailey wants to work on her relationship with her family so she turns over the clinic to Izzie.

Derek’s confidence in the clinical trial is all but gone. But Beth still has hope. She wants the surgery now because Jeremy would be mad if she just gave up. Meredith is all for the surgery, too. This prompts a despondent Derek to tell her he never wants to see her again. We think he’s overreacting.

Derek is extremely melancholy just before the surgery. He says he’s “failed her” over and over again. Rose is listening. She knows (and we know) he’s talking about Meredith, not the patient. Beth is scared. So is Derek, until Beth say’s let’s just “leap.” It was nice to see Derek so inspired by this dying woman’s courage.

Beth survives the surgery but Derek fears the worst when he sees her parents sobbing in the recovery room. Turns out they were tears of joy. Derek is elated. He digs the celebratory bottle of champagne out of the trash.

Meredith sees from the x-ray that Beth’s tumor is shrinking. Finally, they saved a life! Rose congratulates Meredith on the medical breakthrough by saying, “It’s the stuff of legends.” Rose encourages Mer to find Der. Sounds like a plan.

Mer-Der search for each other everywhere. They finally meet at Derek’s patch of land. Meredith set up a dazzling array of candles outlining where their house will be. Mer tries to convince Der that’ll she’ll try to trust him. He shuts her up with a passionate kiss. It’s a great scene. Things don’t get more “happily ever after” than this.

Finally, Meredith has a breakthrough in therapy. She realizes that her mother really didn’t intend to kill herself. As a skilled surgeon, she knew exactly how to hurt herself without dying. Meredith also realizes that when her mom told her to be “extraordinary,” she wasn’t talking about surgery.

It’s kinda how we feel about Season Four of Grey’s Anatomy. Extraordinary!

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