S5 E02 Dream a Little Dream of Me Pt. 2

09/25/08 | TV-14 | CC

Oh no, poor Cristina! After a full day of listening to Meredith go on and on about her and Derek, she falls on a patch of ice and gets impaled by an icicle! Thank goodness that there’s a hunky military doctor named Owen Hunt there to be her knight in shining combat fatigues. He patches her up and is impressed with her work today. Before he leaves, he can’t resist kissing her.

Meredith is starting to have second thoughts about Derek moving in after the whole thing with one of her patients cheating with her best friend’s husband. Derek’s understanding and agrees to take baby steps with Mer, but after Meredith speaks to Cristina about needing her support, she decides they should go ahead.

Derek’s got some trouble of his own when the jealous and bitter nurse, Rose, gives him serious trouble in the O.R. It all comes to a head when she unthinkingly hands him the wrong end of a scalpel, cutting his hand open and endangering the surgery and the patient’s life. Rather than face a reputation as the “Fatal Attraction” nurse, she transfers to a different department.

Callie does some research and thinks they can pull off the freezing procedure Owen mentioned. Derek is convinced it's more likely to kill the patient and tells Richard he's only given it the green light because he's desperate to boost the hospital's status. If this works…

The freezing process is going well but then Callie realizes that the patient's body temperature is too low. She freezes up herself- full-on panic- and doesn't know what to do, but Erica tells her to stay calm and together they manage to save the patient. The procedure is a success and the man's mobility is restored.

Michael, the cheating husband, will never talk again, so he writes a letter to his wife, Sarah Beth, that Lexie reads for him. He swears he still loves her and begs for forgiveness. Sarah Beth tells Alex she doesn't care if they operate on Michael before the midnight deadline, (when their insurance coverage runs out), or not. She asks him why men cheat and he answers maybe it's because they can't stand to be seen as weak. It's long after midnight before Miranda is available to operate on Michael, but she insists that Alex turn the clock back so the official time is a few minutes before the deadline.

Lexie tries to tell George how she feels, but when he says he considers her his best friend, and about sleeping with Meredith when he loved her and she didn't love him, Lexie holds her tongue.

When Izzie sees Alex with a half-naked woman at the house, she retreats into a fantasy about being with Denny.

Richard informs the staff that they've all been resting on their laurels and that from now on, they're all going to have to try a lot harder.

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