S5 E04 Brave New World

10/16/08 | TV-14 | CC

The Chief has laid down the law and now it’s time to put it into practice. All of the residents get their usual assignments jumbled and none of them is happy about it. Meredith is partnered up with Erica and, when she’s asked if she can perform a complicated surgical technique, blurts out that she can. Cristina gives her the tips she needs to pull it off, but Erica’s on to Meredith and threatens her life if she ever lies to her again.

Alex is being kind of a jerk since breaking up with his crazy (we mean literally crazy), ex-girlfriend, and it manifests when he steals Izzie’s surgery right out from under her. Izzie complains to Derek, who tells her she needs to watch out for herself. Izzie takes the advice to heart and steals the surgery right back by manipulating the patient. Derek’s not amused and he reminds them both that, at work, he’s not their friend or their roommate, and if either of them pulls that stuff again, he will kick them out of the program. Sheesh, tough love there, Derek.

Meredith herself is miffed at Derek. Since he’s moving in, he clears out Meredith’s study and finds a bunch of Ellis Grey’s old journals (that’s Mer’s mom for the newbies). Meredith flips out about Derek “snooping,” but she calms down when he offers to move back out if she needs the space.

Cristina is treating a patient with a rash, so she swings by the dermatology department and is astonished by its whole new age vibe. There are massages, and snacks! It’s like a completely different world. Cristina, Meredith and Izzie all get sucked in to the allure, but finally George arrives to drag them back to their much more hectic, much more interesting lives.

Speaking of George, he finally passes his residency exam! Everyone goes to Joe’s to celebrate that night, but when George shares the news with Izzie and Meredith before Lexie, she’s hurt and ends up drinking alone. Watch out Lexie, that’s a good way to find yourself in the crosshairs of Dr. Mark Sloan!

At the end of the day, Izzie confronts Alex about his behavior and he apologizes. He admits he’s being a jerk, but he can’t be mad at a crazy woman, so he’s mad at her. Izzie, the kind-hearted soul that she is, forgives the stupid lug.

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