S5 E05 There's No "I" in Team

10/23/08 | TV-14 | CC

Bailey is bringing Seattle Grace back into headlines with a huge “domino surgery,” -- 12 kidney transplants in six O.R.s at the same time! That’s a lot of surgeries, and it all depends on every patient, so when one wife finds out her husband’s donor is his mistress and threatens to pull out, everyone scrambles. After a whole lot of convincing, she agrees, but things get even more complicated when Izzie finds out that a father is giving his estranged son $10,000 to donate his kidney. But despite all of that, the surgeries go ahead.

Our guy Derek has made headlines of his own, landing the cover of a medical journal for the experimental treatment that he and Meredith developed in their clinical trial, which they’re calling the “Shepherd Method.” But things get tenser when it’s only Derek’s handsome face on the magazine’s cover and he doesn’t even mention Meredith in the interview. Meredith’s upset, but Derek claims that, as “only” a second-year resident, Meredith doesn’t deserve any credit. Uh, what? That’s an unusually jerk-y move for Derek. Bailey sets him straight, though, and he presents Meredith with a kidney jar from the domino surgery, apologizes and tells her he couldn’t have done it without her. Now that’s the McDreamy we love. The gift? That we could live without.

Erica and Callie finally get physical, but the next day Callie is sure she was terrible. She’s surprised to find out that Erica was really into it, but Callie realizes she doesn’t feel prepared, so she goes to Mark for some special tutoring in the on-call room, during which he shows her the “Sloan Method.” It’s exactly what you’re thinking, he performs a little oral action on Callie, in hopes (purely out of the kindness of his heart, right?) that she’ll be able to translate the action once alone again with Erica. With as much confidence as she can muster, she tells Erica she’s ready to have another go.

Alex and Izzie take different sides over the estranged father and son, and they’re bickering all day. But when the father crashes after his transplant, Alex changes sides and yells at the son, telling him to make amends while he can. That night, Izzie confronts Alex, saying she cares about him over and over. How could any guy resist that, even one as stubborn as Alex? He kisses her and it’s about time!

Now that George is a resident, he needs interns, but he doesn’t even think of asking for Lexie, even though he knows she’s great and she’s been his biggest supporter. She’s obviously upset and tells him so. Think George will ever get the hint that she’s in love with him?

After a hard day, Cristina goes to Joe’s for a drink and, just as she laments that there are no real men left in the world, she hears that hunky Owen Hunt, the military doctor who pulled an icicle out of her chest, telling Joe that he starts work at SGH in the morning. Ooh, Cristina, looks like your real man might have just arrived!

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