S5 E08 These Ties That Bind

11/13/08 | TV-14 | CC

Seattle Grace has a new arrival: the saucy and sexy Sadie Harris. Sadie’s an old friend from Meredith’s wild days and has gotten into the intern program at SGH. But who is this woman and why the heck is she calling our Mer “Deth”? She needs to get with the nickname program!

More big news: Erica Hahn has left Seattle Grace! Obviously the Chief’s not happy about losing his Chief Cardiologist, and Callie won’t even talk about the epic fight they must have had the night before. Izzie can’t be too sad to see Erica go, though, since now the threat of being turned in for the whole stealing-a-donor-heart-for-Denny thing is over, too. Not that Izzie’s in the clear -- she's still got a big problem. Her visions of Denny aren’t going away.

The interns are making mischief of their own, too. Their secret little ring of practicing simple procedures on each other is threatened when Cristina spots scratches on Lexie’s arm and assumes she’s a cutter! Derek convinces Meredith to check on her and Lexie’s spooked enough to tell the others it’s time to shut it down for a while. Unfortunately, new girl Sadie is more interested in stirring things up, and Lexie’s the only one who ends up being shut down.

Callie’s having a bad day and just wants to rock a surgery. She gets her chance when a homeless man comes in who’s been impaled on his own leg. The man says he doesn’t want to live without his legs, so it’s up to Callie to make him some. She does a fantastic job, but the man dies on the table. Mark’s there to console her as her grief and anger come rushing out.

The Chief asks Bailey to show the visiting heart specialist Dr. Dixon around, but warns her that she is a "little off," as Miranda finds out when Dixon keeps reciting historical trivia about heart surgery. It turns out she has Asperger's Syndrome and has difficulty interacting with others, preferring to stick to the laws of medicine.

Lexie demonstrates amazing skill with a pulley stitch and Richard, assuming that it was Cristina who taught it to her, tells the resident, "You're my one to watch," for the solo surgery. Of course Cristina’s thrilled, but she knows darn well she didn’t teach Lexie that stitch. Busted! Cristina finds out about the whole intern playing-doctor-on-each-other business and tells them to shut it down for good.

Izzie tells Denny's ghost that she will always love him and that she'll never forget him. But even though she's said goodbye and even burned his sweater in effigy, he is still there. "Touch me," he urges her and when she reaches out her hand, she can feel his heart beating. 'I told you I was real," he says and kisses her.

Over at Joe’s Bar, Mark, Cristina, and Callie drink their single-life sorrows away, but Callie drifts over to Sadie and offers to buy her a drink. Owen runs into Cristina outside the bar, visibly upset about losing a patient, and then he kisses her unexpectedly.

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