S5 E10 All By Myself

12/04/08 | TV-14 | CC

It’s finally time for the Attendings to choose a Resident for the solo surgery, but when the honor goes to our girl, Cristina, she has to pick her replacement because the Chief has placed her on probation for not stopping the Interns’ whole practice-medical-procedures-on-each-other shenanigans. Still, that’s so unfair of the Chief! The rest of the Residents were just as bad at watching out for their Interns, but then maybe no one would get the solo surgery and what kind of fun would that be? All of the Residents make their cases, except for Izzie who’s too busy getting it on with her dead boyfriend (we’ll come back to that). After some advice from Dr. Virginia Dixon, the peculiar new Cardiologist, Cristina picks Alex because he’s the most prepared. Obviously Meredith doesn’t see it that way, and the rift between Cristina and Mer widens.

Okay, so back to Izzie. She’s seeing her dead boyfriend Denny. And she’s doing a whole lot more than just seeing him, if you know what we mean. If you don’t, we’ll spell it out: We’re talking about ghost sex. George is picking up on the fact that something’s wrong with Iz and tries to discuss with Alex, but Alex just snaps at him.

Alex is thrilled when he gets the solo surgery, and he tells Izzie that he loves her and wants her to scrub in with him. But as the surgery gets closer, Alex begins to lose some of that trademark Karev bravado. It doesn’t help that Izzie is a no-show and it looks like Meredith is going to have to back him up. Mer gives him a quick pep-talk, and just as he’s about to go in, Izzie’s there and ready. The surgery goes great.

Cristina tells a hurt Meredith that choosing Alex over her wasn't a personal decision. "Unlike you, I can separate my personal life from my job." She angrily tells the other residents watching Alex operate, "None of you said anything. They were all our interns. I won this. They picked me. If I don't deserve this solo surgery, then none of us do."

Cristina is on the verge of tears after leaving the O.R,. so Owen tells her to follow him. He shows her his favorite place in the hospital: a ventilation shaft that he likes to stand on to clear his head. "Anything can happen on a vent," he says. "Like what?" she asks and they kiss.

Sadie tells Lexie to stop feeling guilty about the intern surgery ring --- and that Mark likes her. "You haven't noticed his eyes on your ass?" she asks. Lexie tells her she's "delusional," but that night, she goes to Mark's apartment to tell him his vocal reconstruction surgery was a success. She starts stripping, saying, "Teach me." Mark tries to get her to leave, but when she asks, "Am I really so bad," he answers, "No, I am," and kisses her. HOT!

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