S5 E13 Stairway To Heaven

01/22/09 | TV-14 | CC

Time is of the essence for Jackson, the little boy who desperately needs a new liver. He’s put on an experimental dialysis treatment but if he doesn’t get new organs in the next 24 hours, he’s going to die. We know Dr. Miranda Bailey can’t let that happen.

Things are also critical for serial killer William Dunn. He’s caused severe damage after attempting to kill himself. At first he begs Meredith not to page Derek. He wants to die at Seattle Grace instead of being executed in prison. But as death nears, William loses his nerve. He wants to live.

Already uncomfortable with the Dunn situation, Cristina pages Derek, who’s absolutely furious with Meredith for not telling him sooner. Derek orders William into surgery and demands that Meredith scrub in to help save his life and repair the damage she helped create.

The surgery is going well when Miranda bursts in demanding that Derek stop the operation. She wants William to die so that they can use his organs to save Jackson. Derek puts it all on Bailey, making her think about what she’s really asking him to do. After some tense moments, Bailey tells Derek to pick up his scalpel and finish the surgery. We totally feel Miranda’s anguish.

That Denny sure is persistent, isn’t he? Izzie told him she wants him to go away, but some ghosts just can’t take a hint. He keeps saying he’s there for Izzie, which is a little creepy. She figures out that he means that he’s there to take her with him. Now it’s really creepy. Izzie realizes that she must be sick. Really sick. She’s furious with Denny for not just telling her. After a final kiss, Denny disappears. But what does that mean for Izzie? We have no idea? Do you?

Miranda returns to Jackson’s bedside. She tells his mom that it’s time to let her dying son go. It’s too late and there are no organs. Jackson crashes. But in a breach of conduct just as bad as Bailey’s, the Chief is able to talk a grieving widow into donating her husband’s organs. If Jackson can stabilize, he might have a chance.

Richard and Miranda both know they crossed the line to help Jackson. The boy does stabilize and the organ transplant goes well. It looks like Jackson’s story will have a happy ending. But at what cost to the doctors who saved him?

William survives his surgery. He tries to lie to Meredith, saying he was playing her because he wanted to ruin her career. But our Mer knows the truth. He was simply afraid to die. He asks her to be there for his execution. He wants to see a friendly face when he dies. She agrees.

The next day, Meredith is there as William is put to death. When she comes out of the prison, Derek is waiting for her. She tells him it was horrible and sobs in his arms. Derek’s a great surgeon, but even he can’t heal Meredith’s pain. Derek shows up at Cristina’s door and tells her that Meredith won’t stop crying. Cristina rushes out to her friend. She holds her tight. Let the healing begin.

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