S5 E16 An Honest Mistake

02/19/09 | TV-14 | CC

Addison’s still hanging around Seattle Grace. She extends her visit to help Derek treat Jen, a pregnant woman who’s having severe complications after brain surgery.

Jen’s initial surgery goes well but then she crashes again. Addison has no choice but to deliver the baby. Now! Derek insists he can save Jen. There’s a tense stand-off in the OR. Addison appeals to Meredith, who has been assisting. She tells Derek it’s too late for Jen but they can still save the baby. The Chief arrives and gently tells Derek to let the woman go. He’s done all he can.

Alex, Addison and Derek break the news of Jen's death to her husband. He wants details but the only things a guilt-stricken Derek can say is, "I'm sorry." Jen’s anguished husband screams, "You killed her. You're a murderer!"

Callie and Cristina see evidence of a botched surgery. It was performed by one of Seattle Grace’s first female surgeons, the legendary Margaret Campbell. Owen wants to page her, but Cristina says they should get somebody competent, not some old dinosaur. You think this might be one of those situations where Cristina puts her foot in her mouth because the “old dinosaur” is standing right behind her? You bet Jurassic it is!

The patient from the botched surgery stands by Dr. Campbell. He insists that she perform the follow-up procedure. During the operation, Campbell snipes at Cristina and Richard. Cristina can’t take it. She says the current surgery wouldn’t be necessary if not for Campbell’s goof. Campbell throws Cristina out of “her” OR. After the surgery, Owen talks to Campbell about his discharge from the Army and knowing when it’s your time to move on. She later tenders her resignation.

At the clinic, an angry patient confronts Izzie: She'd been told she has cancer. In reality, she's only anemic. She's convinced that someone at the clinic mislabeled her blood. "Don't apologize to me, I'm just anemic," says the woman. "Apologize to that dying person." Izzie realizes "that dying person" may be her.

Izzie checks the paperwork on her own blood test: It reads "anemic." She does a self-exam and finds a suspicious-looking spot on her back. Izzie makes an appointment with Dermatology, where the doctor insists that it's probably nothing. Let’s hope so.

Callie, inspired by that tremendous lip-lock with Arizona, gathers up the courage to ask her out. But what’s this? Dr. Robbins shuts her down hard. She compares her to a newborn. Way to send some mixed signals there, Arizona.

Callie doesn’t take this lying down. She confronts Arizona at the bar, telling her that she has plenty of experience in a lot of areas. Tell us more, Dr. Torres! But she’s embarrassed when she realizes that her speech was made in front of Arizona’s date for the evening. Awkward!

Lexie pressures Mark to come clean with Derek about their relationship. It looks like she’s finally getting her wish. Mark sees Derek on the hospital’s walkway and tenderly confesses that he’s having a relationship with Little Grey.

Timing is everything. Derek has had just about the worst day of his career. So, he responds to Mark’s newsflash by punching him in the face. No, not the face! Is there anything more thoughtless and destructive than two gorgeous, super-surgeons bashing each other’s faces with the very hands they so skillfully use to save lives? Well... Is there?!

After a knock-down, drag-out brawl, the fight’s broken up. Both men walk away to lick their wounds with Mark telling Lexie, “It was worth it.”

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