S5 E17 I Will Follow You Into the Dark

03/12/09 | TV-14 | CC

Derek is in a serious funk since losing his pregnant patient and being hit by a lawsuit. The Seattle Grace legal team presents him with two stacks of files, one much taller than the other. The short pile? People he’s saved. The tall one? Everyone he’s lost. Way to hit a man when he’s down.

Izzie uses the interns to diagnose “Patient X,” which is her. Honestly, after seeing some of these interns at work, we’re not so sure that’s a good idea. Of course they come to a hasty, lazy conclusion and say “Patient X” is fine, but Izzie knows that’s not true. She pushes them to find a diagnosis.

Lexie announces their diagnosis: metastatic melanoma. They give Patient X only a few months to live, as there’s only a five percent survival rate. Izzie asks Lexie how she would break the news to Patient X. Lexie says, “Screw the odds. My mother died of the hiccups.” We’ve always liked that girl!

Cristina is hurt when Owen awakens violently from a nightmare. They both know that this was much more than a bad dream.

The Chief’s having a bit of a nightmare day, too. He’s down three doctors and Bailey, his chosen successor, defected to Pediatrics. He bickers with Bailey until she calls Adele in to mediate. Adele lays down the law. She tells Richard to stop acting like a child, but also tells Bailey she should be ashamed calling the man’s wife in to clean up her mess. Now if only they could get Adele to go straighten everyone else out!

Alex makes a risky diagnosis on a teenage girl who’s suffering from seizures. Dr. Robbins doesn’t agree with him, but since when does something like that stop Alex? He’s proven right. An impressed Arizona says, “You fix that attitude of yours, you could be the future of this hospital.”

Alex shares the high praise with Izzie. He wants her to stop wasting her time with Patient X and get back to being a great surgeon. Alex says, “I don’t want to be the future of this hospital if you’re not with me.” Izzie gives him a big kiss and smile. But her smile fades when he walks away.

Callie’s been avoiding Arizona ever since she embarrassed herself at Joe’s. But in true Seattle Grace fashion, they get stuck in an elevator together. After an awkward silence, Arizona admits she was wrong to call Callie a “newborn” and asks her out on a date. At first, Callie’s plays it cool, but as the elevator doors are about to close, she stops them and sets a date. Way to go, Dr. Torres!

After three days without Derek, the Chief begs Meredith to intervene. He even tells her that Derek has been planning to propose. Wow, way to blow the surprise there, Chief. Meredith finds a drunken Derek hitting stuff with a baseball bat at the site of their future McDream home.

Derek tells her he’s “done operating.” Meredith says that’s “quitting.”  Derek fires back, “You wrote the book on quitting.” Mer tells Der that she knows about the wedding ring. This causes him to take the ring and bat it into the woods. He tells her to go home. We’ve seen Mer-Der in crisis before. But this looks bad. What do you think? Is this the worst Mer-Der situation we’ve seen?

Izzie has to reveal her illness. She confides in Cristina because she can handle the bad news. On the air vent, Izzie tells Cristina that she has cancer.

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