S5 E20 Sweet Surrender

04/23/09 | TV-14 | CC

Izzie’s found herself a hobby to keep busy during her cancer treatment. Unfortunately for Mer-Der, it’s planning a big, “churchy” wedding (which they so don’t want). Even her first chemo treatment doesn't slow Izzie down as she forces Meredith to try on dress after dress. The cancer specialist, Dr. Swender, is concerned that Izzie is going to wear herself out. She doesn’t know Izzie like we know Izzie.

Callie’s dad’s in town. If you remember Mr. Torres from his last visit, you know George should probably head for the hills. Unfortunately, Dr. O’Malley’s a little too slow and he finds himself in the patented Torres choke-hold. Callie mercifully calls off her father. But dear old dad then pounces on McSteamy. The guy’s on a rampage!

Callie’s able to call him off again. Mr. T. (not the one with the Mohawk) insists on meeting the person Callie’s dating now. So Callie introduces him to Arizona Robbins. Dad’s response? He’s making her move back home with him and her mother!

Izzie feels great, until she starts vomiting suddenly. She gets out of bed to get a dress that's fallen to the floor. When she bends down, she collapses. Suddenly it hits her (and us)—she’s very, very sick.

A man who was hit by a car comes into the ER. Owen and George suspect the man tried to kill himself. Alex, on the other hand, can’t be bothered to babysit just one patient. Despite George’s warning, he leaves the man alone. The patient disappears and Owen flips out.

Alex and George argue with each other as they check the parking lot. They watch their patient swan dive out a window onto a car several stories below. The guy’s in bad shape, but Owen and George pull him through. Owen is impressed with George’s grace under pressure. Owen says he should consider trauma for his specialty. That’s our George. Always cool in the clutch. Unless that clutch belongs to Mr. Torres!

Mr. Torres talks to the Chief about cutting a check to the hospital to release his daughter from her duties. Richard’s not comfortable with that. And, after getting some courage from Arizona, neither is Callie. She cuts her father off. Unfortunately, he does the same. Looks like Callie’s going to be standing on her own two feet from now on. We just hope she’s not standing in the street.

A distraught single dad with a terminally ill daughter won't admit his little girl is dying. As Miranda comforts the child, Dad tries to arrange for a flight to Mexico where he hopes to find a miracle cure. "She needs her daddy for this part," Miranda tells him, saying he, not her, needs to be the last one to be holding her when she dies. He finally goes to his daughter's bedside to be there for her last moments. Bailey is crushed, just like we are, as she watches the father embrace his beloved child. Arizona tells Bailey that what she did today was “heroic.” We agree.

Alex joins George at Joe's Bar. He apologizes, sort of. Alex confides in George that he’s scared that Izzie’s really sick and he won’t be able to handle it. George buys him a beer, which is like a great big hug in guy-code, right?

Mark and Derek bicker during a successful joint surgery. They’re still ticked at each other. Despite his anger over the Lexie situation, Derek tells their patient’s wife that’s it was Mark’s skill as a surgeon that saved her husband. At the end of the day, the two old friends are watching the game and drinking beer. Who says bromance is dead?

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