S5 E21 No Good at Saying Sorry

04/30/09 | TV-14 | CC

Alex takes a trip to Cougartown when a sexy older woman wants to “play doctor” with him. Turns out it’s Izzie’s free-spirited mom, Robbie. She’s there to check on her sick little girl. The problem is, Robbie’s not quite up-to-speed with medical terms like metastatic melanoma. She thinks Izzie just has a weird mole or something. When Izzie realizes that her mom can’t handle the thought of Izzie dying, (hey, we can’t either!), she lets her believe all is well. It’s not.

Thatcher Grey comes to see Richard. He's 29 days sober and doing his steps. That includes making amends. The Chief asks the Grey girls to hear out their dad, as a favor to him. Meredith takes exception to this. Is the Chief her boss or her stepdad? Thatcher apologizes to both daughters. Lexie is eager to embrace him and introduce new man McSteamy. But Mark doesn’t want to meet the parent. Meredith wants nothing to do with Thatcher either.

A man is brought in with 17 gunshot wounds. The shooter: His six-year-old daughter. Meredith treats the little girl, who has a cut on the face. It becomes clear that the guy’s an abusive scumbag. When the girl’s mom tries to make her apologize to the dad, Meredith rips into the woman. She tells the mother, “At least she did something. Which is more than I can say for you.”

The Chief pulls Meredith aside. They have a huge fight, half about the case and half about their own issues. The Chief forbids Meredith from speaking to the little girl and her mom. He even threatens to suspend her. Mer tells Der that if the Chief’s at their wedding, she won’t be. Harsh!

Cristina is having issues of her own. Owen has flipped a switch. He’s now calling her “Yang” and saying things like “take care now.” What’s that about? She confronts him in true Cristina fashion. Owen admits he’s working with his therapist on his PTSD. It’s unfair for him to be with her while he’s still so messed up. Three-word phrases like “take care now” are said in place of the real three words he’s dying to say. He thinks he’s no good for her and he’s trying to let her off the hook. Think that’s gonna fly with Cristina?

Callie’s having money troubles ever since her dad cut off the trust fund. Mark and Cristina advise her to tell her family she ditched Arizona. Callie can’t do it. “They’re supposed to love me. They’re supposed to support me,” she says. This strikes a chord with Mark, who opts to meet Lexie’s dad after all.

Meredith defies orders by apologizing to the battered mom. She also begs her not to go back to her husband, for her daughter’s sake. Mer then tells the Chief, “I’ll pack my things.”

The Chief catches up with her. He says, “I wasn't your advocate. I never stood up for you. I should have fought for you Meredith, like you fought for that child today." He sits down beside her and says, "No one stood up for you. I'm so sorry." Meredith says nothing. She only lays her head on his shoulder. Forget about Thatcher, this is the reconciliation we all wanted to see!

Meredith tells Derek they have to move up the wedding for Izzie's sake. She packs up her mother's journals, which she plans on giving to Richard. "And he can come to the wedding. If you want," she says.

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