S6 E01 Good Mourning

09/24/09 | TV-14 | CC

We've kept our fingers crossed for George and Izzie to pull through, so we gasp when Izzie opens her eyes! She's alive! But we're devastated to learn that there's no hope for George, who is brain dead. George's mother is too upset to decide whether to donate his organs and asks Callie to make the call. Alex wants to keep the news from Izzie, but Callie tells him his wife will never forgive him if she doesn't get the chance to say goodbye. We burst into tears along with Izzie when she holds George's unresponsive hand. And we worry as her new husband, Alex, looks on jealously. She decides that George would "give everything," and we fight back tears  as a donor team stands by to whisk his organs away, especially when a very emotional Miranda demands to know the names and ages of all the recipients, who are all (*sniff*) children.

We're not surprised that George's friends deal with their grief in different ways. "Newlyweds" Meredith and Derek have sex all over the house, to the consternation of their housemates, who find them, naked, on the stairs! Derek throws the keys to his trailer to Alex and Izzie and tells them, "Welcome to your new home!"

Cristina and Owen, meanwhile, aren't having any sex at all, on the orders of his therapist. She wants the couple to talk about the choking incident, rather than get caught up in "the lust of it all." Owen finally has a breakthrough and tells Cristina that in his dream, he was fighting for his own life, not trying to hurt her. Later, they finally have sex again and—we breathe a sigh of relief—both manage to peacefully sleep through the night.

Izzie graduates from surgical patient to outpatient. She still has cancer, but unless it starts to grow again, it won't kill her. At George's funeral, the only one crying openly is the girl at the bus stop for whom George gave his life. Then Izzie breaks down and walks away, quickly followed by Cristina, Meredith and Alex. We're shocked, as are they, to see that Izzie isn't crying, she's laughing! She's laughing at the hysterical girl, at the fact that she got cancer, that George got hit by a bus and all the weird, terrible twists of fate.

Lexie is reluctant to move in with Mark, until she realizes that his "hot, hardcore sex friend," Callie, lives across the hall! And, even worse, has no shame about changing right in front of both of them, or walking in on Mark when he's in the shower! Callie  assures her that since Mark started seeing Lexie, he's no longer interested. How can she tell? "He stopped looking at my boobs," she tells a relieved Lexie, who shows up at Mark's with a toothbrush... and a suitcase.

Richard's days as Chief are in jeopardy, as he learns from Derek, who's been offered his job!  Derek warns him to come up with a plan, but Richard, in the wake of George's death, demands "a moment" to think. Knowing the hospital's board is out for his blood, Richard drastically begins cutting costs. He also informs Callie that she will not be promoted to an attending, because an older doctor has decided not to retire. She quits in disgust and goes to work at Mercy West, and we have to laugh when one of her first patients is none other than Richard, who is injured after running a red light.

Alex is busy with casework, even at the trailer, so Izzie asks him to comfort her. "I'm sad and I miss George. Please, come inside and help me with that. " "'I miss, George.' Nice, real seductive," he sneers and we wonder if their marriage is over before it really began.  He finally confides that he's terrified to touch her and even more scared to lose her. "I can't lose you. I won't survive," he sobs. And we reach for the tissues again when Meredith, who hasn't cried since George died, finally dissolves in tears when someone comes to clean out his locker.

Richard announces his surprising fiscal solution: Seattle Grace is merging with Mercy West! We worry what that will mean for our favorite doctors.

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