S6 E05 Invasion

10/15/09 | TV-14 | CC

Mercy West residents invade Seattle Grace and we don't like them at all! As Lexie says, "They're aggressive, they're vindictive and they are not team players!"

"They're like locusts, feeding on our surgeries," says Meredith, who's recovering from having donated her liver. She urges her friends to fight for surgeries, but Cristina sighs, "I don't know what I'm fighting for anymore."

When Jackson, a Mercy West resident, suggests they split the ER into zones, Owen likes the idea. So each Seattle Grace resident is paired with one from Mercy West and we don't have to wait long for the sparks to fly.

Izzie is ready to throw down when Reed Adamson, a pretty but ruthlessly ambitious Mercy West resident, puts her things in George's locker. We like Charles a lot better, especially after he tells Izzie that Reed (whom he's in love with) was in the wrong.  But then Izzie overhears him bragging to Reed, "She can't do enough for me. It's like I have my own surgical bitch." We soundly approve when Izzie throws the cup of coffee she was bringing him at his feet in disgust.

Alex and Reed begin a game of one-upmanship to outdiagnose each other by stealing labs and charts, until the patient's daughter yells at them, "Enough! You are supposed to be healers!" Reed finally agrees to quit if Alex does.

Lexie stoops so low as to steal her competitive rival's notebook, which is filled with corny inspirational sayings. She apologizes and gives it back, saying, "I don't like you. But what I did was over the line."

Cristina is upset when Owen awards her surgery to newcomer Jackson while she's at lunch. She goes to Meredith, sobbing about how much she misses the days when Burke was there and she actually got to operate. We don't give her relationship with Owen much more time!

We can't believe it when Callie's father shows up with a priest! We're so proud of Callie for telling him,"You can't pray away the gay!"  It's not until Arizona assures him that his daughter is "who you raised her to be," that Mr. Torres relents and Callie says there's still a chance for a wedding and kids. We're relieved we can laugh when he asks Callie, "She's not a vegetarian is she? Because i don't know how much more I can take."

We're furious with Charles too, but we're horrified to realize that, Izzie, in her anger, has misdiagnosed and nearly killed a patient. And we're shocked when Richard fires her! She begs to stay but Richard tells her there were concerns about her "emotional stability." He starts to mention Alex's plea to keep her on, but Izzie misunderstands and think that Alex spoke out against her! Alex returns to his locker to find a note from Izzie that says she's leaving him! And we have no idea where she's gone!

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