S6 E08 Invest in Love

11/05/09 | TV-14 | CC

Arizona tells the attendings under her rotation: "These children believe in magic. In peds, we have miracles and magic. Anything is possible." She's been taking care of  10-year-old Wallace, who has "short gut syndrome" and has been in the hospital for seven months. His parents are so grateful, they decide to donate $25 million to Seattle Grace! Richard is peeved that it's because of Arizona's work, not his, but of course he'll take the money! So when the father requests another surgery to buy their son more time, Richard talks Arizona into doing it against her better judgment. Of course, we know Arizona was right: the boy dies of septic shock and we wipe away tears as, together in the morgue, she and his mother perform the usual bad-dream-chasing ritual for Wallace. The father says they'll still make the donation, not because of Richard's ass-kissing, but because of Arizona.

Also on the critical list: a premie baby who Alex ends up nursing, almost literally! Miranda sees him holding the baby,  and tells him something we never thought we'd hear from her: "Take off your shirt!" She explains that skin-to-skin contact will help the baby stay warm. Derek can't help teasing Alex: "You started to lactate yet?" But Reed is impressed and tells him so. After seeing he's spent all night holding the infant, she offers to take over, but he won't let her. He can't do anything about Izzie leaving, or about her $200,000 medical bills, "But  I can sit here and hold this baby," he says, so she sits with him.

Meanwhile, when Cristina performs an unauthorized cardio procedure to save a patient's life,  Owen tells her he's through. She finds an unlikely admirer in Jackson, however, who tells her, "You rocked that in there" and that Owen is just "jealous" of her.

In her anguish over Wallace, Arizona nearly breaks up with Callie, so we get arguing couples in stereo as Owen chews out Cristina, telling her, "You got lucky today but one of these days that luck is going to run out." Cristina expects Meredith to side with her, but she points out that Cristina was lucky nothing went wrong. Cristina apologizes to Owen and asks him to come home with her. We're not sure it's a good idea when he says yes! Especially after Jackson told her how hot she was and tried to kiss her. She told him she was "involved," but not for long, we guess!

Arizona tells Callie she loves her for (we think) the first time and Callie is so sweetly surprised that we have to smile. And be happy that they're still together!

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