S6 E13 State of Love and Trust

02/04/10 | TV-14 | CC

Tensions run high as word gets out that Derek is the new Chief. Lexie assures other staffers that Derek is "loyal and fair." "Yeah, tell that to Webber," Alex points out.

Derek and Larry Jennings, the chairman of the hospital board, present Richard with two options: Retirement or rehab. "Sober up, you get out, you have your job waiting," Derek promises him, but Richard takes his time making the decision.

We gasp in horror when a patient wakes up during abdominal surgery. Miranda freaks out and begins shouting at the anesthesiologist, Ben. They manage to put her back under, but the patient remembers everything, including Miranda's panic. She refuses to let MIranda operate on her again; instead, she wants Meredith, who had stayed calm during the incident.

Meredith isn't sure she's ready to go solo, but Miranda assures her she's ready, adding that the last time Richard mentored anyone, it was her. The surgery goes well and we're loving the flirty vibe between Ben and Miranda.

Alex does a rotation in peds with Arizona, and she declares he has a talent for it, if he can just learn the line between advocating for the patient and yelling at the parents!

Mark refuses to speak to Lexie, so she asks Callie to talk to Mark for her. Mark won't listen to her either when she calls him a hypocrite, or to Derek, who tells him that "the Karev thing is forgivable."

Teddy avoids Cristina at work, while Owen won't leave her alone! The two are having sex at every opportunity. Jackson's been on Teddy's rotation, but when an emergency occurs, Teddy pages Cristina. Owen begs Cristina not to go, so she doesn't. Teddy chews her out later and Cristina promises it won't happen again. "What are you trying to do to me?" she  asks Owen. She accuses him of "trying to screw me into submission." He insists he was just trying to connect with her. He's upset that  he didn't even know about Burke until someone else told him. She explains that with Burke, "I wasn't Cristina Yang anymore. I lost myself for a long time." She tells him she loves him, but, "when you asked me to ignore Teddy's page, you took a piece of me and I let you and that will never happen again."

Richard tells Miranda that going to rehab is admitting that Derek and Larry were right. "The best way to beat them is to stop fighting them," she tells him. "You go get better, you be the chief." We're very happy when Richard takes her advice.

Miranda offers advice to Derek that an apology will prevent the lawsuit from the patient who woke up, so he apologizes to the patient, and also to Richard.

Derek tells the staff, "I am neither pro or anti merger. From this point on, everyone has a clean slate."

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