S6 E14 Valentine's Day Massacre

02/11/10 | TV-14 | CC

Callie and Arizona decide to play Cupid on Valentine's Day for Ben and Miranda, which Miranda resists. Finally, she admits she's interested.  "I can't talk to you, you make me nervous," she stutters to Ben. "I just go stupid," but we grin that she's agreed to dinner.

Mark is so excited about Sloan's baby that Callie doesn't recognize the new, responsible Mark. He shows he's the same guy when he goes to hit on a new blonde. We have to laugh when the blonde turns out to be Lexie, who's dyed her hair! "You didn't know it was me and you were hitting on me. You are hypocritical and slutty," she tells him. He replies that she can't "pull off" being a blonde. 

When Callie finds out that Sloan wants to put the baby up for adoption, she forces her to tell Mark the truth: "I'm not a mom. I'm not ready," Sloan says. Mark is stunned, but we're even more stunned when he offers to raise the baby! And when Callie says she'll help!

Derek rehired April, the Mercy Wester who Richard fired. Now, she's serving as his assistant, helping him prep for interviews and an upcoming fundraiser breakfast. Meredith doesn't know what to say when April insists that, as Derek's wife, Meredith needs to be at the breakfast too. "I am a surgeon, you tell the Chief that I will be in surgery," Meredith announces.

Jackson tells Lexie that just changing her hair isn't enough if she wants to be noticed. "You don't want to be mousy? You have to actually change." When Lexie boldly suggests that they attach a man's severed arm to another part of his body until his stump heals, Jackson tells her, "Okay, that? Not mousy."

Teddy calls Owen out on how he's been avoiding her. "You are my best friend and now you won't even look at me." He admits everything's changed since she said she loves him.

April tells Derek she's scared of returning to surgery, so when there's an emergency, he tells her to come with him. After they lose the patient, April breaks down and tells Derek, "I can't do this." He tells her, "I made a mistake last year. I almost walked away. You can be a good surgeon. It's why I brought you back."

We're not surprised when Callie catches Sloan trying to sneak away without letting Mark know. "I didn't know he'd care this much," she admits. "My dad got a clean break from me. Don't I deserve that?" she asks. Callie sighs, gives her money and tells her to take care of herself. Mark comes home to find Callie taking the crib apart. "Sit down," she tells him and his face falls when he realizes what's happened.

Lexie and Alex both admit, "I hate Valentine's Day," and then hit a supply closet for a quickie.

Teddy tells Owen, in front of Cristina, "You and I are going to be friends." "You can't unring the bell," Owen tells her and Teddy says she knows that, but she's going to try.

Derek is thrilled when Meredith shows up at the breakfast, but she's upset to see the program refer to her as "Mrs. Derek Shepherd." She insists that she doesn't do brunches or Valentine's Day, and that Derek owes her a lot of make-up sex.

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