S6 E16 Perfect Little Accident

03/04/10 | TV-14 | CC

After Cristina recounts an amazing surgery she did with Teddy, Owen is surprised they're really friends. "Be her friend," Cristina tells him. "I never asked you not to be." After a successful surgery the next day, Owen asks Teddy out for a celebratory beer, but she tells him she's got plans: Girls night out, instigated by Arizona, who's noticed Teddy pining over Owen.

Lexie's plan to surprise Alex by waiting for him, naked, in his bed, goes disastrously wrong when Derek walks in instead! Meredith warns her that Alex will only hurt her. Lexie assures her it's just sex and Meredith chides her, "Your heart lives in your vagina!"

It's Richard's first day back and he asks Derek for a "low-stress day." That all changes when doctor Harper Avery, who hands out prestigious awards in his name every year, arrives at the hospital with abdominal complications. He requests that Richard do the surgery. Although Derek thinks it's a bad idea, he agrees.

Cristina is abuzz to hear that THE Harper Avery is in the hospital and is desperate to impress him, which is why she bends the rules to perform an "ex vivo" lung surgery without Teddy's consent. Teddy is furious at first, but the risky procedure works for a patient who had no shot at a lung transplant.

Jackson hadn't let anyone know he had such a famous grandfather because he resents the expectations that come along with it, including the pressure Harper puts on him to follow in his footsteps. He tells Meredith, who completely understands, "I hate it when they know I'm related to him. I know the name has helped, but he is not easy to be related to."

Richard confesses to Derek that he wants a drink and asks to hand over the surgery to Miranda. Derek surprises us by disagreeing: "Two months ago, you never would have told me you want a drink. You would have had one." He tells Richard to do the surgery, with Miranda assisting.

During the surgery, they discover the reason for the complication: Harper's own choice of sutures, which he's allergic to! Jackson is amused that Harper's condition is his own fault. Meredith tells him she knows what he's going through, but that if it were her mother, she'd go see her. "And I definitely would want to learn from her." Jackson not only goes to visit Harper, he introduces several of the staff to his grandfather.

Alex yells at Lexie for telling Mark about the two of them and she insists it wasn't her, that she doesn't have feelings for him. "You make me not feel," she tells Alex, who says he's on the exact same page. They get together for a "no feelings" quickie. Mark tells Alex he's done yelling at him, just as Lexie comes out of an on-call room, obviously having just been with Alex. Awkward!

Girls night at the baseball field is a smash and Cristina tells Meredith. "I'm in love with Teddy. I love her. My heart is in my scalpel."

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