S6 E17 Push

03/11/10 | TV-14 | CC

Things get personal when Richard and Owen vie for a complex surgery. Owen calls Richard's approach, "old school," and Richard retorts,  "I've been dissecting tumors since you were in diapers." Derek asks them both to present their cases and he'll decide. Cristina volunteers to help Richard, so she can spy on him to help Owen. Richard is onto her, though. He offers her surgeries if she'll be spy on Owen. Derek calls Richard's presentation "impressive," but chooses Owen. Richard is angry, saying, "He doesn't have a plan, he has an attitude." But when Owen's seat-of-the-pants approach gets him in trouble, Richard graciously jumps in to help out.

Miranda freaks out when Callie tells her that since Ben asked her over for dinner, he'll expect sex. "Third date's the sex date,' Callie tells her. "And he's cooking for you. At his home. Where he keeps his bed."

Mark complains to Callie that he's lonely. "Find a grown-up who wants what you want and date," she advises him. She urges him to ask Teddy out, but he botches it. Arizona thinks Teddy should have said yes. "Mark is like candy, eat and forget about it." Teddy tells Mark it's a date, but she assumes it's going to be drinks and sex, and he's insulted that she's objectifying him. Flustered, she tells him, "I'm not available for dinner. I'm sorry."

Owen orders Mark to leave Teddy alone, which Meredith happens to see. She warns Owen, "You were jealous. It took a long time to make Cristina happy and if you mess with that, I will turn on you."

Arizona is thrilled she and Callie are on the same page about Mark and Teddy, except that Arizona thinks that Mark's only good for a fling. After Mark assists with Teddy's surgery, she tells him, "Nice work." He snipes, "I'm more focused on my work as a male escort." Callie tells Mark to forget Teddy if she just wants sex. "You're a good guy. You're worth getting to know."

Pleased from her day of handing out relationship advice, Callie tells Arizona. "We're the stable couple. We're the ones everyone wants to be." She imagines their life in the future, with lots of kids, but Arizona says, "No kids," and changes the subject, not realizing that Callie is devastated.

Teddy tells Mark she'd love to have dinner. He turns it into lunch, saying, "We'll get to know each other. I want to build a life and a family and I'm not wasting my time on someone who doesn't share that interest."

Lexie breaks down in tears when she hears that Mark has asked Teddy out, and that he's really moving on.

Over at Ben's, Miranda tensely announces, "I don't do things by a timeline." He tells her, "I kind of thought a third date is a little early for sex. What do you think?" She admits she's never slept with anyone besides her ex-husband. She's worried they'll just stay friends if they don't jump into bed, and he says, "I don't want to be your friend," and they kiss.

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