S6 E21 How Insensitive

05/06/10 | TV-14 | CC

Lexie is surprised to hear that Izzie has sent Alex divorce papers. Alex insists that what he and have Lexie have isn't a "thing" but Meredith tells him, "You should make it a thing or put a stop to it."

Miranda puts the team through sensitivity training prior to admitting a 700-pound patient with stomach problems. Miranda orders Cristina and Jackson off the case, so they end up with a mother who didn't realize she was having a heart attack. Cristina, who usually can't stand children, stays with the woman's little girl and we realize it reminds her of when she lost her own father at a young age.

Derek has to face Gary Clark, the angry husband of a patient whom Derek ordered not to be resuscitated, in accordance with the terms of her DNR. Derek's lawyer advises him to remain unemotional and not to offer any sympathy. Clark is furious to hear that Derek made the decision to end his wife's life in "less than a minute. "You're a coward, Dr. Shephard. You're a coward and a killer," he says. Derek tries to go after Clark after the deposition, but his lawyer stops him, saying that Clark has no case. 'The kindest thing you can say to him now is nothing. I know you want to do more, but it's over."

Derek unknowingly opens up a can of worms when he mentions to Meredith that he was "surprised" that Owen "didn't go to bat" for Teddy. When Meredith sees Teddy thank Owen for "putting in a good word," her disapproving expression gives away the fact that she knows Owen did the exact opposite.

The 700-lb patient wants to go home to die, rather than face surgery, but Alex tough talks him into trying, saying, "You have a wife who loves you, who stuck by you through all this. You can't just walk out on her now." Inspired by his large patient, who survives the surgery, Alex surprises Lexie with a kiss at work and suggests they go home together.

Owen accuses Derek of not maintaining a professional confidence. Meredith insists she said nothing, but Derek guesses that her expression gave her away. "What am I supposed to do, control my face?" she asks him and he says yes!  "Cristina is still my best friend," she argues. "Am I supposed to stand around and watch her get hurt?" "Nothing. You do nothing," Derek tells her.

Cristina spends all day with the heart patient's daughter and when Jackson signals her that the mom didn't make it, Cristina relates what sounds like a first-person experience of grief.  Jackson compliments her on how good she was with the little girl and asks about her own loss. Cristina isn't in the mood to confide and snaps, "Go be somebody else's dishrag."  Cristina is visibly upset but when Meredith asks her what's going on, she asks her to get Owen and he's the one to whom she sobs, "I miss my dad."

Meredith asks Derek how the deposition went and he tells her, "I don't know anymore what I can and can't say or who I can say it to," so she summons Mark. "He needs to talk to somebody and it can't be me." Derek and Mark out their frustrations by hitting some golf balls on top of the hospital roof.

A hot patient of Callie's gives her her phone number. Callie tells Arizona, "I'm not going to use it, but I can't stop wondering if maybe she wants a baby one day."

"I can't be the one who keeps you from having a baby," Arizona says, and even though they still love each other, Arizona goes to pack her things.

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