S7 E01 With You I'm Born Again

09/23/10 | TV-14 | CC

How do you come back from one of the most gripping, harrowing, unsettling Grey’s Anatomy season finales ever? Well, you call in a psychiatrist. Yes, most of our favorite docs must be evaluated and cleared before they can return to surgery. Makes sense. They are all dealing with varying degrees of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder following the mass murder at the hospital. Things are different now and more change is headed our way.

After recovering from near fatal gunshot wounds, Derek Shepherd is back! He’s greeted by applause coming from all those in his charge. Derek launches into a by-the-book “it’s great to be back” speech then abruptly quits his position as top dog at Seattle Grace. Looks like Richard, who was serving as interim Chief, has his old job back fulltime. Told ya change was coming.

Cristina and Owen are getting married! But the bride will not be wearing white. Cristina says it’s “sexist and vaguely racist.” There will also be no chicken dance or conga line at the reception. Bummer. Owen asks Derek to be his best man. The groom-to-be feels this is a logical choice since he’s married to the other twisted sister. You do know we mean Meredith, right?

Here’s a quick rundown of what’s been happening with some of the other folks at the hospital:

- Bailey took her son to her parents’ place for a month to get away from Seattle. She left Ben by the sidewalk as the cab pulled away. When Bailey returns, she tells Ben he’s a good man. But she’s “busy holding herself together with tape and glue.” He’s too much for her right now, so Ben walks away.

- Arizona is worried that Callie may pop the question or she’ll bring up some baby talk again. But all Callie wants to do is ask Arizona to move in. Whew!

- Teddy has a new man in her life and it happens to be Dr. Perkins, the shrink analyzing her coworkers.

- Alex opts to keep the bullet in his chest right where it is because, well, chicks dig it.

- Lexie has a bit of a breakdown and is admitted to the psych ward for a spell. Her brief stay there is most helpful and is actually one of the reasons she gets cleared for surgery.

Derek has been getting arrested from time to time since the shootings for things like speeding and reckless endangerment. Must be the adrenaline he gets from his current “life is short” mentality. The new ex-Chief wants to operate on a man who has a massive tumor surrounding his brain stem. In order to save this guy, Derek needs help from Callie and Mark. Basically, they need to split the patient’s entire face open. It’s all pretty darn raw.

Meredith worries that Derek is driving pretty fast without a seatbelt. She also hopes Cristina isn’t rushing into this wedding with Owen. Meredith further worries that she and Cristina are going to be the only two who don’t get cleared for surgery which could lead to a new career of selling Slushees at the multiplex.

The psychiatrist feels Meredith isn’t being completely honest. The guy’s onto something. See, Meredith has yet to tell Derek she had a miscarriage. When Meredith catches Cristina flipping through a magazine during Derek’s impossible tumor surgery, she realizes they’re not better yet. During her therapy session, Cristina says, “I think you’re either born simple or you’re born me.” She longs to be simple because no one holds a gun to the head of a simple girl.

Derek’s tumor patient experiences massive postoperative pain. He says this is where the fight begins. This is healing pain. This is victory pain. Later, Derek is caught speeding down the highway and tossed in jail again. Meredith pops by, but doesn’t bail him out. Derek needs to learn a lesson and she needs the ring he’s holding so her best friend can get married.

Yes, the Cristina and Owen wedding in on! The happy couple walks down an aisle created by a line of all their friends (except for the incarcerated ones). Rings are exchanged and tears of happiness flow. Yes, things change. But sometimes change is good.

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