S7 E02 Shock to the System

09/30/10 | TV-14 | CC

Owen is well-prepared for Cristina’s predictable panic attack on this their first morning of married life. He gives her a granola bar followed by some soapy sex in the shower. Owen even washes her hair. He’s always wanted to do that. Not sure why. The one other thing Owen thinks his new wife needs is the chance to get a little blood on her hands. So, Owen and Teddy convince the Chief that Cristina is ready to scrub in for surgery.

Dr. Perkins sees right through Meredith’s fake tears and will NOT clear her for surgery. Meredith is avoiding Derek. It’s not because she still hasn’t told him she was pregnant and miscarried. No, she’s steering clear because he’s ticked she left him in jail after another reckless speeding adventure. Plus, he smells like pee.

Bailey cuts that bullet out of Alex. She doesn’t need any reminders of that horrible day. Meredith is also trying to forget how she felt when Derek was shot. She kept him locked up to keep him from speeding around town at a hundred miles per hour. She left him in jail because she knew he’d be safe. Meredith finally tells Derek about her pregnancy and she finally shows her true self to Dr. Perkins, who finally clears her for surgery.

A repeat patient is set to undergo an aggressive surgery to remove all cancerous cells from her body. The sick woman and her husband recognize Cristina from those days when she assisted Dr. Burke. They trust her judgment and agree to proceed with the risky procedure on her recommendation. The time-sensitive surgery is on and Cristina is back in action. But is she truly ready?

CRASH! A tray of surgical instruments is accidentally knocked to the floor. The incident causes Cristina to flashback to the trauma she endured. She falls to the ground paralyzed with fear. Meredith scrambles into the room, takes her friend’s hand and leads her out of the OR. Cristina wasn’t ready for surgery. She feels she wasn’t ready for marriage either. She takes off her ring and hands it back to Owen.

Mark asks, “When a person gets out of the nuthouse, what’s the appropriate amount of time to wait before you propose?” Unfortunately, he’s asking for advice from Callie, who is having issues with Arizona’s desire to paint their place one of four different shades of beige. She hopes to make it look a little less frowny.

A single lightning strike injures an entire flag football team. Three male players are concerned about Kerry, their lone female teammate. It’s no wonder they’re concerned. All three men are in love with her. But Kerry only has eyes for one of the guys: Warren. Three men battle for Kerry’s affections at her bedside until Warren starts spitting up blood and has to be rushed into surgery. He’ll be okay though.

Mark has been shielding Lexie from surgeries. But Derek lets little Grey scrub in after she realizes Kerry and Warren collided before the lightning strike. The blow caused blood to flow into her spinal cord. Kerry is grateful she’ll be okay and angry at herself for not telling Warren how she felt sooner. This inspires Mark to share his feelings with Lexie. Unfortunately, she tells him to back off and leave her alone before he can speak his peace.

Teddy wonders if her relationship with trauma counselor Andrew Perkins is for real. She likes being with him because he’s such a good listener. Hey, that’s his job, right? That’s also the problem. Teddy wants to be sure she’s not using him as a shrink. The passionate kiss Perkins lays on Teddy leads us to believe that he doesn’t think she’s using him at all.

Meredith says, “You got married, Cristina, for better or for worse. This is the worse part. The thing is, there will be better parts.” Surprise, surprise—Cristina agrees. Moments later, Owen storms in saying he’s not going anywhere without her. He doesn’t have to. Cristina says, “Let’s go home.” After her BFF walks out the door, Meredith approaches Owen and says, “I had already fixed her before you came, but that was a nice speech.” It was pretty nice.

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